Anti-tobacco group Reality Initiative has quickly modified the angle to Anti-Vaping Propaganda in 2020

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The Truth Initiative, DC's nonprofit tobacco control group, finds it difficult decide what to do with their billion dollar foundation. Now that teenage smoking rates have dropped dramatically in the past decade, thanks in part to the work done The Truth Initiative has tried to justify its existence.

Enter e-cigarettes, the new villain villain who came up with the truth initiative in which they cast themselves as heroes. Instead of seeing Vaping as an ally like other public health groups (call Public Health England;), the nonprofit group has:

  • We've spent countless millions on music videos worth recycling the same anti-tobacco messages from a decade ago
  • Started a text-based campaign asking teenagers to upload videos that unsafe to destroy their Juuls
  • Sold her smoking cessation program to employers across the country to support their dwindling sources of income

Victim of their success

The CDC has all the statistics directly on its website. The first line under each tobacco product is as follows:

  • Cigarettes: “From 2011 to 2019, cigarettes were currently smoked (in the last 30 days) Low among middle and high school students ”(emphasis added)
  • Cigars: “Cigars were currently used from 2011 to 2019 Low … "(Emphasis added)
  • Smokeless tobacco: “Smokeless tobacco was currently consumed from 2011 to 2019 Low … "(Emphasis added)

The website of the Truth Initiative also praises its own success with a contribution from 2018, in which it proudly announces: "The smoking rate among young adults drops to 10%". These wins are all things the Truth Initiative was created for, and they should be proud of their accomplishments.

Facts against hysteria

However, the facts contradict the panic that the truth initiative about vaping and how it threatens to make people addicted to cigarettes again. If that were true, the teenage smoking rate would increase and not decrease, as in the past decade, which strangely coincides with the increase in vaping.

By creating a nationwide tobacco 21 policy to raise the legal age for tobacco and e-cig purchases, the federal government has created a new, important tool in the fight against young people who use these products. But this policy alone will not solve the youth e-cigarette epidemic.

– Truth Initiative (@truthinitiative) December 21, 2019

Nobody says vaping has played a role in reducing overall smoking rates. The most likely reasons are awareness campaigns, smoking bans, increased tobacco taxes and an increase in the minimum age for buying cigarettes to 21 yearsand subsidizing demolition programs that help people stop.

At the same time, nobody can say that vaping is responsible for something that didn't happen, namely the explosion in smoking rates among teenagers or the renewed dependency of a whole new generation on smoking cigarettes. When groups like Truth say:Teenage tobacco use is increasingOnly by cleverly reclassifying e-cigarettes as "tobacco products" could they get away with this lie.

A new study suggests that smoking cigarettes causes young people to try other potentially addictive drugs. It also raises important questions as to whether nicotine in e-cigarettes could have similar effects.

– Truth Initiative (@truthinitiative) January 15, 2020

The juul of her eye

The percentage of current JUUL users who use the device regularly – on at least 10 of the last 30 days – rose to 37.6% in 2019 from an already alarming 26.1% in 2018. Our new study goes into detail: https: / /

– Truth Initiative (@truthinitiative) January 21, 2020

It is unlikely that e-cigarettes are tobacco products or not change the position of the public or the FDA in relation to juul and vaping in general. Although the device has not been associated with a single death or injury since EVALI's outbreak last summer (e-cigarette or vaping-related lung injury), the Juul continues to take up public image as an incarnated devil.

Experience the truth campaign to get teenagers to destroy their juuls by any means necessary (light them, tie them to a helium-filled balloon, immerse them in orange juice), and upload the video to social media high. While the truth initiative does important work in tobacco control, his youthful tactic makes little difference in the big scheme of things.

Instead of trying to reset the clock to where the enemy was clearly defined – big tobacco – The Truth Initiative should find ways to promote the safe and legal consumption of steam products by responsible adults.

The truth cannot deal with the truth

In other countries, e-cigarettes have established themselves as the harm reduction tool they were always intended for. Among the national health organizations from other industrialized countries such as Public Health England, Health Canada and non-profit organizations such as ASH 2025 (Campaign for a smoke-free New Zealand 2025), none has called for the total ban on e-cigarettes, flavored or flavored e-cigarettes, or the truth.


Instead, they chose a well-founded approach for adults to offset the need for an effective harm reduction tool that helps people quit while keeping them away from minors.

What the Truth Initiative leadership seems to be escaping is that it is perfectly possible to vape for adults while opposed to juvenile or underage vaping, a position that the true believers of the nonprofit association don't even want to entertain.

Instead of adopting a general ban such as the hysteria of past eras, which called for the ban on alcohol and marijuanaThe Truth Initiative should take a more differentiated approach to the potential e-cigarettes that need to help people transition from flammable cigarettes.

EVALI billing

It could be argued that none of these other countries have witnessed the outbreak of injuries and deaths related to vapors that hit the US last summer. Therefore, there is not the same urgency to act as in the United States. Except that no other jurisdiction has ever experienced EVALI because they chose a reasonable approach to e-cigarettes.

They enabled the introduction of ENDS under acceptable regulations to serve the public protecting vulnerable groups of the population (minors): see EU directive on tobacco products.

See also Health Canada, which classifies vaping products as vaping products and creates a legal framework instead of integrating e-cigarettes directly into existing, outdated tobacco regulations.

It took the FDA more than ten years to launch e-cigarettes on the American market before people started to die. To be fair, however, it was the tobacco and steam industry that fought the early steam regulations and in some cases won.

EVALI only recalls the saying: victory has a thousand fathers, but failure is an orphan.

Now nobody wants to take responsibility for the unnecessary and unfortunate death of over fifty Americans and the injury to thousands. not the state regulators of two governments (Republicans and Democrats) who have been beyond their responsibility for a decade; not the industry that fought against regulations; not the manufacturers of popular e-cigarettes.

The reason is that they are all guilty.

The truth initiative should take the initiative

Juul has not even been linked to any of the injuries or deaths that happened in the summer, and yet that The Truth Initiative wants to bring a steamroller to the entire steam industry, why?

Is that all you can think of? Billions of dollars in budget, comic music videos about nicotine-addicted worms?!

The truth initiative should take the initiative. Instead of fighting the march of progress and trying to color a multicolored topic into an easily digestible black and white, they could continue their role as a bulwark of accountability, for which they have done exceptionally well years against the tobacco industry.


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