Avail Vapor To Purchase The Largest eCommerce Vapor Firm

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You heard it right, Avail Vapor, one of the best-known steam retailers in the industry, both online and offline, and agreed to buy one of the largest e-commerce steam companies in the world, Giant Vapes.

Avail Vapor is currently one of the largest retail stores with more than 98 retail locations in 12 states. They also manufacture e-liquid in Richmond, Virginia, so you can say they're a big deal. However, Avail Vapor is in the process of significantly expanding its portfolio as it will buy Giant Vapes, one of the largest, if not the largest, e-commerce steam company out there.

Giant Vapes started its humble beginnings in September 2013 and now has an extensive e-commerce platform that would make the duo a giant. There are no reports of how much Avail will pay for the acquisition. However, Avail said the acquisition “would create a global omnichannel organization with a clear mission to add value to customers wherever they shop. ”

By combining the strengths of Avail's broad presence and Giant Vapes' comprehensive e-commerce platform, the combined company offers its customers in the United States and abroad unique added value.

Upon completion of the acquisition, James Xu, Avail Chairman and CEO, will lead both companies, while Just Murphy, Vice President of Retail and Marketing, will oversee the day-to-day operations of the two companies.

All of this is a "huge" shock for many in the vaping community. Avail Vapor is the legendary brand in the industry with a portfolio of many stationary locations, while Giant Vapes has always been online e-commerce … well, giant in the online area. With these large acquisitions, there are often dirty details about who buys, why and for how much. In this case there is nothing dirty, just big news that is shocking.

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