Deathwish Isolation Tank VS Geekvape Blitzen-Dragon Vapour — Dragon Vapour

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Deathwish Isolation Tank VS Geekvape Blitzen-Dragon Vapour — Dragon Vapour


We want to first start by saying this comparison will be completely unbiased and 100% honest. These are not the views of Dragon Vapour Ltd. 


Deathwish Isolation Tank:

The New Deathwish Isolation Tank features a smooth bottom airflow and a large building deck which is easy to build on. They are limited in supply and come with steep price tag of £64.99. In our experience, due to the large wicking holes, we have yet to experience any dry hits and the flavour and cloud production has been on point! Deathwish have always been good at making 810 drip tips and this RTA certainly comes with a comfortable drip tip. 

Rating 8/10

Geekvape Blitzen:

The Geekvape Blitzen is the closest RTA you can compare to the Deathwish Isolation RTA. The Blitzen features a similar bottom airflow system to the Isolation RTA which allows it produce big clouds and intense flavour. The building deck on the Blitzen is large and easy to build on. As you can, so far the two RTAs are very similar. The only advantage the Isolation has over the Blitzen is the fact the drip tip is better but that is neither here or there because drip tips can be changed.    

Rating 8/10



The Geekvape Blizten and Deathwish Isolation RTA are very similar and both RTAs seem to produce the same results when the same coils are used in them. The RRP on the Isolation RTA is £64.99 and the RRP on the Blitzen is £26.99. Whilst the Isolation RTA may have a better feel, we’re struggling to see how it can be justified as a £65.00 tank. The extra you will pay for Deathwish RTA compared to a Blizten RTA is only because of the brand name but in reality, there is very little difference between the two RTAs. We think it is safe to say that its only worth getting the Deathwish RTA if you are a fan of Deathwish and religiously follow them.    



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