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If he becomes president, Biden says he will ‘eliminate’ vaping pending

Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden recently suggested during a town hall meeting that he would ban vaping entirely should he win the 2020 election.  He qualified his statement by saying that more research would be needed to determine if vaping is completely safe.

In response to a voter question at the Des Moines, Iowa, campaign rally, Biden said that there needs to be “serious scientific data as to whether or not it has the kind of long-term damage on the lungs and it causes death before we allow it to be sold.” He seems to be completely unaware that such research already exists.

Biden’s statement came just days after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it would ban all flavored vapor products produced in closed-system devices like the JUUL and VUSE brands.  The move was supported by President Trump who had made similar statements to Biden’s in mid-September 2019.  However, under political pressure from GOP-friendly vapers and pro-vaping lobbyists, Trump eventually withdrew his concerns and settled for the partial vape ban as a compromise.   

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At the Iowa campaign rally, Joe Biden was also asked whether he had consulted with any vape shop owners or other vapor-related businesses in an effort to better understand the potential negative economic impacts facing the industry should a Biden Ban be implemented.  His response was aggressive, to say the least.


“I don’t care what it does to a small businessperson who’s selling this stuff. If it is damaging lungs, if it’s causing the kind of damage that is said and that studies not been fully done yet. If it turns out that it is that I would eliminate it,” Biden said according to the conservative and pro-vaping news organization Americans for Tax Reform run by Grover Norquist. 

Currently, several media polls are indicating that Biden is attracting a significant lead over President Trump is several of the more important swing states like Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.  Even the hardcore base is apparently starting to question Mr. Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, which may be why his poll numbers are currently sliding.

However, the bipartisan polling site FiveThirtyEight is cautioning all Americans to not take the current polls too seriously.  The 2020 election is still about six months away, and it’s too early to tell who will win.  While Biden is not the official democratic candidate thus far, the mainstream media is classifying him as the “apparent winner.” But even that highly esteemed nomenclature is not yet set in stone. 

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