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VooPoo DRAG Nano Pod Mod review

Continuing the trend that pod systems are getting smaller DRAG NANO Pod System from Voopoo takes a big step down (up?) to improve portability.

We got it: last year we were buried in an avalanche of new pod systems. The big question is: how does that fit together? As with many devices, it really depends on what you're looking for, but straight away this is aimed at vapers who are looking for tighter mouth-lung vapes, saline devices, and something that stands out as a device on the go. On the other hand, an all-consuming search for densification means that features that some vapers consider essential may have been left out.

In this article, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of Drag Nano in detail. With so many pod systems trying to do similar things, you can easily get lost in the flood of devices. What distinguishes it? What makes it different from other similar devices? What are the disadvantages? Let's dive into …


With the Drag Nano you really can't talk around the bush, it is just super small. Imagine the size of a Zippo-style lighter with a tiny plastic drip tip at just 54.5 mm x 35 mm x 11 mm.

The case of the 750 mAh battery has an attractive resin swirl finish on one side, which is available in a handful of colors. The rest of the case is made of a zinc-aluminum alloy, which while appealing (including a huge "nano" logo that picks up one side) is also a bit of a fingerprint magnet. The nano is activated by pulling, which means there are no power or fire buttons that have to be pressed to switch on and off or to pull.

The bottom of the case has a micro USB connection for charging, a single light indicator shows the battery life (green – 70-100%, blue – 35-70%, red -> 35%) and the upper corner opposite the drip The tip is equipped with a chain clip.

That's right, chain clip. Instead of a lanyard, the Nano comes with a limited silver chain that comes in handy if you are the type who wants your steam to hang on your neck at all times.

The 1.0 ml bowls have a resistance of 1.8 ohms. They snap directly into the battery body, and when removed, the drip tip snaps off to expose the fill opening. While this clogs the usual rubber plugs, we wonder if the design will prove to be leak proof in the long run (we had no problems with our test case).


We have said it before, but it needs to be repeated: Cloud production in a modern pod system (any modern pod system) is dramatically improved over old pods. The Nano is no exception and creates large clouds for its size. The taste is good, but not great. Advanced mod users may find their liquids somewhat dampened to their taste.

Even with the big clouds, the Nano is a mouth to lung device. There is no airflow adjustment, and because the pod is so tiny and completely consumed by the mod, there is simply no way to get even a limited lung vape. For the youngest smoker converters, MTL fans, and seasoned vapers ready to sacrifice their preferred draw for size and convenience, this could be a great device. But if large, deep draws are mandatory, this is not for you.

While VooPoo says that battery performance can vary depending on the state of charge, we have found a consistent, smooth production that ranges from fully charged to completely empty. 750 mAh isn't a ton of battery life, but it's still impressive for such a small device and likely enough to get even the heaviest steam through a night in the city.


Everything that makes the Nano great is in a way related to its tiny size. Unfortunately, this also applies to all things that we are less impressed with.

The first is the pod: even in the world of pod systems, 1.0 ml is not much capacity. Expect frequent refills, which worries us that the in and out drip tip will hold as mentioned above.

The kit also comes with just one pod, which is less than ideal. We haven't spent enough time on the Nano trying to figure out how long the pod will last, but you will definitely need a little more sooner than later, and having at least one extra in your pocket can limit the need for On- . We know that refilling on the go will be necessary due to the reduced fluid capacity.

We'll also complain a little about the lack of functionality. Granted, this is a simple, tiny device that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. "No Features" is probably more of a feature than a bug, but we've been spoiled with the advent of adjustable performance levels and airflow controls have been penetrating even the smallest pod mods lately.

Bring away

The DRAG NANO from VooPoo is a great choice for on the go looking for the smallest vape pod system on the market. The best features are the design and the long-lasting battery performance. However, the size also prohibits the inclusion of some functions that slightly larger devices offer. Otherwise, steam and aroma production is fairly standard for the market.

Who is this device for? This is for vapers who want to have a pod system around their neck at all times. This is for someone who has fallen in love with aesthetics, wants a pod that looks cool and can be used anytime than that DRAG NANO from VooPoo is perfect.

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