Puffco Peak: Clear and Keep your Vape

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Puffco Peak cleaning and maintenance

Puffco Peak pumps clouds like no other and you have to wreak havoc at some point. Whether you are an occasional user or a strong batsman, we have everything for you. We have laid out all the steps and details to connect you with a flawless peak!

Puffco Peak cleaning and maintenance: what you need

Cleaning your peak is very easy and can be done with just a few household items.

  • Rub alcohol
  • Small soaking cup

Take it apart

First remove all parts of your peak and assess the damage. Hold the atomizer firmly and turn it counterclockwise until it disengages and remove it from the base. The atomizer is divided into four different parts. To avoid damage, Puffco recommends holding everything together and soaking in a little alcohol.

Puffco Peak cleaning and maintenance Dirty atomizer
In our tests, we found that disassembling is the best way to clean the entire atomizer. Simply pull off the rubber seal and remove the ceramic shell. Also remove the ceramic bracket inside the rubber seal. The ceramic shell and plate in the metal housing are very fragile. So be careful and disassemble them at your own risk.

Puffco Peak cleaning and maintenance disassembled

Empty the bubbler and remove it from the base. Gently pull the glass down and away from the base to do the trick.

Soak time

Fill the bubbler a little less than half with alcohol, cover the opening and shake it to loosen any dirt inside. You may need to let the bubbler soak overnight to loosen thick oil spills. Once it's nice and clean, rinse it with fresh water and let it dry.

Let the entire atomizer, either assembled or disassembled, and the carburetor cap drop into a cup of alcohol to soak for a few hours. The rope shouldn't need a lot of attention, so put it aside for now. The alcohol takes on an amber color when the pieces are soaked. When the soaking is finished, rinse the pieces with warm water and let them dry.

Put it back together

Now that the hard part is over, let's throw it back together! If you kept the atomizer intact, just screw it back onto the base and you're good!

If not, first push the ceramic buckle back into the rubber seal and carefully put the ceramic bowl back into the metal housing. Then put the seal back on top by aligning the three teeth on the buckle with the gaps along the metal housing and carefully pressing them together. Be careful with this piece – Here you can easily break your atomizer. If done correctly, the seal should be nice and flat and the ceramic bowl shouldn't be loose. Now take the entire atomizer and screw it back onto the base until it is nice and firm. When turning, press down so that the thread engages.

Puffco Peak cleaning and maintenance atomizer

Finally, take the bubbler and fill it with water directly behind the air holes. Always move this away from the electronic base to avoid damage. Then take the Puffco Peak glass part and reattach it to the base. The key here is to make sure that the lower air hole on the outside of the bubbler is aligned with the suction hole on the base. Take a couple of test moves to make sure everything is in line and ready for use.

Do a burnoff

To complete this thorough cleaning, we carry out a quick burn. Turn on your Puffco Peak and switch to the highest temperature setting (white). Switch on the heater with a double tap and let it run a full cycle with the carburetor cap removed. We will do this a few times to be thorough before diving into a new session.

Cleaning and maintenance of Puffco Peak: Burnoff "src =" https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0209/9072/files/Puffco_Peak_Cleaning_and_Maintenance_Burnoff_1024x1024.jpg?v=1595711579 "data-style =" float: none ;
If your peak flashes multiple colors, check the atomizer and make sure it is firm enough.

Tips for a cleaner steam

If you clean the nebulizer frequently, try using less material in your sessions. The sweet spot is any amount of concentrate that you can completely evaporate without any residue. Experiment with different load sizes and temperatures and find the combination that gives a satisfactory hit without having to clean up a mess later. We also recommend emptying and rinsing the bubbler after the day so that nothing settles and adheres to the glass. You will be surprised how dirty it can get! Include these tips in your routine for a happier and healthier Puffco Peak.

Puffco Peak cleaning and maintenance swabs

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