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The Best single coil RDA

What is an RDA

In the world of vaping, there are two main pieces of the apparatus: the atomizer and the battery. The battery applies a charge to the atomizer where a coil is heated to vaporize e-liquid to create flavorful and delightful vapors. The atomizer is the piece where the actual vaporization happens and can be constructed in several ways. Common types of atomizers include cartridges like those found in many disposable vapes, RBAs (short for Rebuildable Atomizer) and replaceable coil head atomizers. RDAs are a specific kind of rebuildable atomizer characterized by an exposable coil onto which you drip your juice. This process gives the atomizers their name of Rebuildable Drip Atomizers. The focus of our article is a style of atomizer that contains contact points onto which builders can construct their own coil designs to give the vape enthusiast more control over their atomizers ohm ratings and freedom to experiment with different builds and ideas.

Top Single Coil RDA’s

Single or Dual Coil?

When choosing an RDA to start building on, one must choose the number of coils for their application. Most atomizers in this category support builds of either one or two coils, denoted by the descriptors ‘single coil’ and ‘dual coil’ respectively. There are pros and cons to each style. Single coil builds will have a higher resistance, which will result in lower wattage and less heat. In application we see single coil atomizers produce less vapor with the same battery and the vapor that is produced is less hot. Many vape enthusiasts gravitate to the smoother and more subtle flavors produced with this type of device, while others are attracted to the simpler logistic situation of only building one coil and maintaining one wick. On the other side of the aisle, we see dual coil atomizers that create hotter vapor (and more of it) with the same voltage. This hotter and faster vaporization environment creates more flavorful vapor and heats up much faster so we see dual coil atomizers becoming more popular among cloud chasers who are looking for the thickest vapor. The increased rate at which these dual coil atomizers consume e-liquid and the intensity of flavor and vapor production pair with the heightened complexity of dual coil builds make them less attractive to budget friendly vape enthusiasts, those new to vaping and coil-building and those that want a milder flavor.

Choosing an RDA in 2020

The market for RDAs has been rapidly expanding over the past several years and there is an ever-growing selection from which to choose and it can be daunting to make a decision on where to start or what to look for. This article will aim to break down the strengths and weaknesses of a number of the best single coil RDAs available for purchase

today and give you the tools you need to choose an RDA you’re sure to love. We will review varying aspects of the different atomizers so you’ll know what to look for and how each design excels in its own way. Accounting for construction, applications, the ease with which atomizers can built on, flavor production, airflow, maintenance and other qualities of these atomizers, you can make a better-informed decision between the myriad choices when it comes to single coil RDAs.

The Best Single Coil RDAs of 2020

We’ve put together a list of 5 of the best products among the many in the world of single coil RDAs. Whether you’re new to vaping entirely or a veteran cloud chaser you’ll be able to find an RDA that suits your needs and gives you plenty of depth to get into the world of coil building and rebuildable vaping. We’ve taken the time to look through the specifications particular to each vape and relayed the benefits each design will share with your setup, so let’s get down to the details and find the perfect single coil RDA for you!

Athena Squonk BF RDA – Geek Vape

First up on our list is the Athena Squonk BF RDA. This RDA is designed with a specific style of vaping in mind: ‘Squonking’. This means that the RDA has a bottom feed tip that allows a reservoir of e-liquid to be added to the system from which the wick in the RDA will absorb liquid as a means of bypassing the annoying process of dripping juice on your wick before each vape. Many adventurous vape enthusiasts enjoy squonking and will be attracted to this RDA for their applications. Geek Vape has created a beautiful design for those who want to try building their own RDA for squonking without too much of a cost investment. In addition to the leakage-free design and a top airflow system the atomizer is built with a deep juice well to accommodate less frequent refills. The stainless steel postless build deck is designed with a solid construction and reliable materials giving you a long-lasting RDA that will withstand heavy use for as long as the buyer enjoys. Squonking isn’t a practice very common among beginner vape enthusiasts, but for long time fans and squonking novices alike, the Athena Squonk BF RDA is sure to be a wonderful tool in your cloud arsenal.

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Maze Sub Ohm BF RDA – Vandy Vape

The next atomizer on our list is another RDA focused on squonking. Another RDA with a bottom feed tip and a juice well, the Maze Sub Ohm BF can be used for squonking or traditional dripping by changing out the bottom feed tip with the included 510 tip. A strong and sturdy build quality and standard wide set drip tip come together to create a great investment for anyone looking to get into RDAs. The sub ohm resistance on the included coils combines with the top airflow in an elegant and safe design for anyone in the market. The smooth airflow and wonderful vapor production of the Maze Sub Ohm BF caters perfectly to people that want to squonk or drip but are less interested in building coils as the atomizer ships with manufacturer built coil disks. The included coils work wonderfully and the squonking feature performs just as expected and will be a wonderful choice for anyone getting into squonking or dripping that don’t like building or don’t have the time or skills to make their own coils.

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Drop Dead 24MM RDA – Hell Vape


Hell Vape has a list of specifications full to the brim with features and design ingenuity. A combination of two previous vapes (The Drop and Dead Rabbit atomizers), the Drop Dead takes the best of both worlds to create a wonderful stand-alone product. A standard size 810 drip tip combines with a 24MM atomizer diameter. The airflow provides a broad range of control on either side of the cap which allows for wide customization in terms of vapor production and flavor. Users should pay attention to the orientation of the airflow to insure the holes are aligned with the airflow recesses in the cap. A 2ml juice reservoir and a bottom-feeding mechanism and 510 contact pin means that this atomizer can be manipulated to a configuration compatible with squonking as well as for traditional dripping. The deck is also versatile in its ability to accept single coil builds as well as dual coil configurations. Any vape enthusiast will find something to love among the wide variety of applications and niches this RDA is capable of filling.

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TFV8 Big Baby Beast – Smok

Smok’s longstanding flagship is not a traditional RDA, but can be equipped with a rebuildable deck to create a refillable drip tank atomizer, a more classic twist on configuration in vape mods. The 5ml tank allows the user to refill the tank once to provide hours of performance from the atomizer instead of dripping onto the coils frequently or relying on a squonk mod to provide e liquid. A tour-de-force when it comes to flavor and vapor production, the TFV8 can compete with the biggest and baddest of RDAs in a system that is much more beginner friendly and time conscious. This atomizer comes packaged with all of the usual parts you would expect from Smok like a replacement glass tank, multiple coils and screws and replacement o-rings as well as an instruction manual. The wonderful and reliable construction of Smok’s products means that this tank will last you for years with regular maintenance and proper care. Beginners to sub ohm vaping might be attracted to the easy to use TFV8, and should be reminded of the simple design and usefulness of the prebuilt sub ohm coils from Smok if the user isn’t particularly interested in building coils and just wants to vape with maximum simplicity.

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Quad-Flex Power Pack RDA – Aspire

Aspire is a long-standing name in vaping technology. The build quality and features offered by this brand have always stood out as a fan favorite, and this Quad Flex Power Pack exceeded all expectations. This particular RDA pack offers more versatility and flexibility than one could ever need, not only offering the ability to switch the 510 post for standard dripping or squonking, but can even be expanded to an RDTA with a extension available in the Aspire Survival kit or in combination with the Aspire Nautilus. With the modular design, this RDA is essentially 4 different atomizers in one design. Any user will certainly find a way that they can enjoy their experience with the Aspire Quad-Flex, as the atomizer accepts tank builds utilizing down wicking designs with a drip reservoir at the top and tank at the bottom (not included), becoming a standard drip RDA when disconnected from the tank. The exchanging of the 510 pin with the bottom feed pin allows for easy shifting between squonking and dripping directly on the coils right out of the box. Aspires revolutionary design combines feature density and ease of use to present an atomizer with infinite possibilities and endless customization. Whether you prefer focusing on trying different flavors or chasing huge clouds, build customization or ease of use, the Aspire Quad-Flex Power Pack is sure to cover all your needs. The Quad-Flex has interchangeable airflow sleeves to allow for top or side airflow as well as giving a choice between dual or single airflow. Users should note that the top airflow sleeve should be used when squonking. The Power Pack comes packaged with everything a beginner needs to get started with their atomizer build such as a wrench, pre-built Clapton coils and a small amount of cotton for wicking the coils. An extra set of o-rings and screws are included in case the user loses or breaks any of the pieces of the atomizer. All told, this package has everything necessary for any vape veteran or novice.

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With all of the wonderful designs and manufacturers on the market, it’s never been as great of a time to start vaping. Simple modifications make jumping in to squonking more accessible than ever before and open up new build possibilities with a learning curve much milder than in the past. Also, the addition of RDTAs gives even more chances for vape enthusiasts to try new builds and construction styles. Even so, those who prefer simple RDA designs with straightforward functionality and classic designs also have wonderful choices at their disposal! These manufacturers have refined their designs and exploded into more possibilities than imaginable in previous years, widening the accessibility of sub ohm vaping to a new generation. Any of these RDAs would be fine for a beginner or a seasoned mod builder, and they all offer superior vapor clouds and flavor production with their factory settings or with a user designed coil. Choose the atomizer that suits your preferences and style or try a new design unlike anything you’ve seen before; Any one of these RDAs is likely to exceed your expectations.

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