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An RTA refers to a rebuildable tank atomizer that consists of a tank section eliminating the manual feeding of the e-liquid. RTAs allow users to regulate the airflow with the use of a ring. Most include additional features that distinguish how the airflow is regulated and how air hits the coils providing a wide variety for vapers.

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizers

How does it function

An RTA is built to function by creating a coil, which is then installed in the build deck atomizer. The ring is then wicked with cotton lacing the cottontails in the wicking holes of the build decks. One then fills the tank with e-liquid and gives it time for the cotton to saturate with the wicking channels’ juice. Thus, when inhaled air enters through airflow holes and channeled to the inside of the build deck, it hits the coil on its way to the chimney and finally to the drip tip.

Types of RTAs

i. Bottom vs. top airflow

Bottom airflow RTAs focus on flavor delivery but is faulted for the leaking problems that make it wasteful and expensive. Top airflow uses side and top mechanisms to deliver the liquid to the device but has been widely criticized for its flavor quality. The latest top airflow designs are slowly correcting this, but the two choices offer a variety to choose their favorite.


The draw of an atomizer is primarily characterized by the number of airflows and their sizes. Atomizers with narrow and fewer air holes produce a mouth to lung draw, while multiple large holes allow for more vapor production leading to direct lung inhalation.

iii. Single vs. dual coil

The number of RTA coils directly influences the amount of vapor produced. Thus, single-coil RTAs supported MTL and restricted DL draws while dual coils allowed for more vapor production, making them DL draws. Some dual coils come with airflow rings that allow for proper regulation giving them MTL capabilities.

Advantages of RTAs

  • High performance when properly built
  • Saves money on coil purchases as the wrapping of coils makes them last longer.
  • Uses tiny organic cotton that may last up to a year
  • It has a large capacity to hold the e-juice, allowing one to go for long before requiring a refill.
  • Most do not leak if left lying on the side or upside down, making them ideal for movement and preventing unnecessary leakage, as this only occurs when they are upright and not correctly screwed.
  • Easy to wick and more compact, offering an enormous capacity to their users.

Tips and tricks for RTA

  • Keep the cotton fluffy as a densely packed cotton will not soak the e-juice entirely compared to a loosely packed one. Fluffy cotton allows the wicked space to make it function correctly.
  • Use enough cotton to ensure the wick can function effectively.
  • Avoid blocking the juice channels with the cotton; ensure it sits properly on the juice channel to absorb the liquid.
  • Keep the cotton away from the airflow to prevent leaking of the juice.
  • Prime the wicks before refilling and vaping to maximize the juice and prevent dry hits.

This article provides insights on various dual and single RTAs, their features, and the pros and cons to give you a list of RTAs one can choose from to get an excellent vaping experience.

Dual coil RTAs

Dovpo blotto RTA

The Dovpo blotto RTA is aesthetically designed to deliver a minimized hit to the lungs focusing on flavor delivery. The Dovpo blotto consists of a straight glass, two bubble tanks, and an ultem. It is a 26mm dual coil RTA that comes with a 6mm tank. The device is uniquely shaped and designed to hit products from 242 degrees delivering quality flavor and smoke. Dovpo is developed to use a double diffusion of air that allows its users to draw smooth, refined smokes making it an excellent choice for most vapers. Its bottom part contains honeycomb-style holes that increase the surface area allowing air to come through to the sides and prevent turbulence making it one of the best RTA.


  • Its liquid capacity is high, allowing up to 2ml liquid and easy refillable design.
  • It has a smooth lung hit, making it ideal for both novice and experienced users.
  • The honeycomb style allows for extra filtration and improves the end product’s quality from a Dovpo blotto RTA.
  • It is easy to wick and set in place, making it more forgiving.
  • It produces a superior flavor that focuses on excellent quality.
  • The Dovpo has an excellent build quality that makes it appealing and reliable.
  • It consists of an excellent two piece810 drip tip.


  • The deck is restrictive and may make one prone to shorts or leakages if you do to get the amounts right.
  • It does not come with coils
  • Glass can easily pop off when removing the deck, making it highly sensitive
  • the wicking process requires some coaching and learning.

Vandy Vape Widowmaker RTA

The Vandy vape widowmaker is specially designed by El Mono Vapeador, consisting of two honeycomb style airflow slots that provide ease in adjusting. It also comes with additional side airflow rings that can be swapped. It has an airflow option that allows for easy configuration and removal of airflow control ring and adjustable airflow barrels. The tank is also relatively taller, providing a combined juice flow barrel.


  • Single and double coil build option
  • Adjustable airflow ring
  • Juice flow control
  • Dual airflow intake ports
  • Removable drip tip with a drip tip adapter
  • Three removable airflow barrels


  • No dry hits
  • Excellent build quality
  • Control of the juice flow allowing maintenance of the deck without loss of e-liquid
  • Airflow options that allow for a restrictive semi restrictive and open direct lung vape to suit various vapers’ needs.


  • May leak if not properly sealed from the base
  • Tall RTA that is easily noticed
  • Overengineered RTA that makes it complex
  • Poor tolerance of the AFC 0-ring

The Vandy Vape widow maker RTA is faulted for its numerous movable parts that require the use of both hands to ensure proper installation and wicking process. However, if you get past this stage and understand the wicking process, it offers a set of unique features and freedom that gives you control of your vapor and experience, making it ideal. It may be unfriendly for the novices, but understanding how it works makes it a great deal as it provides a wide variety of usage.

Wotofo profile unity RTA

Wotofo is a collaboration of effort from MrJustRight, vapor Chronicles, and Wotofo. The device is carefully designed with a spring-loaded clamp that keeps the cotton in place with the mesh always. This act is essential and prevents dry hit that made the previous mesh rebuildable unfavored with clients. It adopts the unique build deck from the original profile RDA and has a 3.5ml customizable juice capacity and a leak prod top-fill system that makes it an ideal device for a broad range of vapers.


  • Vaporization chamber that concentrates flavor
  • Superior steel construction that is stainless
  • Bi-level juice port structure
  • OFRF NexMesh strips available in the kit
  • Mesh built deck
  • Massive e-liquid capacity
  • Spring-loaded mesh clamp that ensures the cotton is intact with the mesh
  • Available in six colors


  • High-quality flavor
  • Availability of top and bottom wicking
  • Excellent restricted lung hits
  • Simple, attractive design


  • Uses too much e-juice
  • Thin fill holes
  • No spare drip tips
  • The wicking process requires time and practice to accomplish correctly

Geek Vape Zeus X RTA

The Geek vape Zeus X RTA is an improved, upgraded version of the Zeus X made of stainless steel and primarily focuses on producing superior quality flavor. It features a unique top-to-side airflow system that is leakproof, allowing it to execute its job thoroughly. A double chimney design with multiple holes in the inner chimney enables it to bring smooth and refined air to the coil.

The Geek Vape Zeus XRTA consists of a 25mm diameter and an enhanced stainless deck manufactured to accommodate large complex builds. It also contains four terminals providing an opportunity to use single and dual coils and is side secured, making it easy to assemble. You can get similar products from as it deals with a variety of authentic brands.


  • 4ml maximum juice capacity able to take a vaper through the day comfortably
  • Contains high-temperature resistant silica glass reinforcement
  • An enlarged build deck
  • Good looking tank with a transparent bottom that allows you to see the process
  • Easy to build and refill
  • Leakproof
  • Excellent vapor production with the ability to last you a day
  • Excellent airflow working mechanism
  • Satisfying MTL draw


  • Aesthetically attractive design
  • Contains a great build quality
  • Produces excellent flavor
  • Leakproof
  • Smart inside chimney airflow
  • Not as loud as most top airflow RTAs
  • Includes a wide range of accessories
  • Easy to build and wick


  • Requires extra ml capacity to increase tank capacity
  • Has some loose O-rings

Single coil RTAs

Vandy Vape Berserker V2 MTL RTA

The Vandy Vape Mouth to Lung RTA is an affordable mass production designed with superior qualities to allow it rival big names such as Kayfuns while offering the same execution at an affordable price. The Vandy Vape Berserker V2 MTL RTA will enable you to adjust the airflow, making you in control of your vape experience. The device comes with six different restrictors that allow you to restrict the airflow amount in the coil chamber. These restrictors come in different sizes that vary between 0.8-2mm. This artistic restrictor allows a vaper proper control making it conducive for novices and experienced vapers.


  • Contains a conical top cap that concentrates flavor
  • Has a 510 ULTEM and Delrin drip tip
  • The capacity holding of 1.5ml
  • Deep juice wells
  • It is top secured by flathead screws
  • Boasts a stainless-steel construction


  • It is an affordable MTL RTA
  • High-quality flavor
  • Boasts an easy coil installation
  • Has an updated airflow ideal for restricted DL hits
  • Excellent airflow
  • Easy to fill and no leaking experienced
  • Ability to change airflow under the coil without removing it or the cotton
  • Excellent flavor
  • A removable air control ring


  • The tank is not metal making it prone to breakage
  • Excessively long drip tips
  • The unnecessarily big top cap

The Augvape RTA


The Augvape RTA is a single coil RTA that provides a restricted airflow focusing on outputting flavorful vape with superior vapor output. Augvape boasts a unique design and builds quality that makes it one of the individual single coins in the market. The Augvape RTA tank is unique. It can provide both excellent flavor and leak proof ability combining a top airflow tank’s features but bringing in the great infused flavor of a bottom airflow tank. Its draw is also restricted, making it appealing to individuals who love tighter vapes combined with its massive capacity of 5.8ml that allows you to hold e-liquid for longer and provides enough vape to last you a day.


  • The dual post build deck
  • Two adjustable airflow slots excellent bottom airflow design that delivers air directly to the coil
  • 24mm diameter


  • Great design and general outlook
  • Leakproof
  • Excellent flavor
  • Desirable bottom airflow deigns


  • It’s a bit noisy
  • May take time to get used to the build-in process
  • Some people may find the airflow too restricted
  • The short resin drip tip

Wotofo Cog MTL RTA

Wotofo COG MTL RTA is made in partnership between Wotofo and RMM. It is specially designed for vapers who prefer high-level nicotine vape juice or nicotine slats at mid wattages. The tank consists of a 22mm base diameter allowing it to concentrate the vapor and enhance draw flavors.

The Wotofo Cog MTL RTA is renowned for its gear airflow control that functions by twisting the tank’s base. When rotating, the inner bottom aligns one of the internal inlets with a winding path. This aesthetically beautiful design but keen on details MTL is manufactured to capture attention and deliver a unique vaping experience that makes it a must-have for vapers who love single coil RTAs


  • Top filling techniques
  • Spring-loaded clamps that are easy to change
  • Available in six colors
  • The tank is made of safe material
  • Has a tank capacity of 3ml


  • Great refined flavor
  • The bell is hard to remove from the tank section
  • Sensitive thus prone to cracking, especially on the top cap area
  • Limited airflow options


The choice of an RTA is pegged on an individual’s preference and needs. It is essential to choose something that will not give you a hard time. Consider the prices, models and brands, capacity, and durability before selecting the RTA.

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