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With measures being taken in many states and communities to ban Juuls and similar single-use vaping devices, you may be looking for an alternative. Why are juuls banned across the country?

Types of vapes

Some vapers might consider this ban a boon, especially since juuls aren't that great when compared to other popular devices. Overuse of Juuls has been found to cause a lung injury called EVALI. This does not necessarily mean that vaping is harmful to your health, as juuls, unlike regular e-liquid, contain additional additives that are known to have side effects. Aside from the health effects, there are many other things that vapers despise about Juuls. To understand why Juul has such a bad rap, let's look at its specs and features first.

Cons of Using a Juul

Juuls can be considered a “starter pack” for most people who are new to vaping. Instead of buying a regular steamer, many use disposable items. Juul is a well-known brand in the world of vaping, but the name is often said with a hint of dislike. The first downside to using a Juul is that they contain small amounts of e-liquid unlike most other popular single-use vaping devices.

Juuls are only sold as pre-filled devices with an average of 0.7 ml of e-liquid per device. In addition, these devices cannot be opened to fill more e-liquid. For vapers who finish a regular 800-puff disposable item in a day or two, a Juul can take half that time. With that in mind, you might think that Juuls are not worth the high price tag and you might be right. The recent flavor ban on pre-filled pods has resulted in the removal of much of the popular “fruity” flavored juuls from the shelves of all vape stores. In addition to a high price, there is also no longer a large selection of flavors to choose from.

Some might argue that Juuls are popular because of their discreet nature and ease of use. If you've ever owned a Juul, you probably know that the design of the device is very slim and easy to carry around. The fact is, there are many other vaping devices out there that perform the same functions with a longer period of use at a one-time cost. These devices are even more powerful than the Juul and are great for blowing large clouds of steam. If this sounds like a lot to you, you might be interested in some of the best alternatives to Juuls in 2021 (available on our website).

Best alternatives to Juul in 2021

When deciding on the best alternatives to Juul in 2021, we consider many factors including battery life, taste options, e-liquid capacity, performance, portability, price and ease of use. The best alternatives to Juul are:

  • 1. Smok Novo 2
  • 2. Vaporesso Nexus
  • 3. Smok North
  • 4. Suorin Shine
  • 5. Suorin Reno
  • 6. Joytech Exceed Box
  • 7. Smok Infinix
  • 8. Smok Trinity

Smok Novo 2

The Smok Novo 2 is priced at $ 19.99 and comes in a variety of designs. The Smok Novo 2 is one of the best vaping devices out there, and better than Juul in almost every way. This device has been redesigned from the popular 2019 Smok Novo and has a wider but heavier shape structure. Fortunately, the device is easy to carry as it can be kept in your pockets or pouches with no sign of recognition. The design of this vaping device has also been innovated to incorporate the latest vaping technologies. Smok Novo 2 has a battery indicator that flashes when the battery is almost empty. The light also shows the battery level each time it hits, so you can better determine when to charge your device.

The Smok Novo 2 has an 800 mAh battery and a wide power range from 6 to 25 W. With these specifications you will have a longer and more enjoyable vaping experience. This device is also great for anyone who likes to blow huge clouds of steam. Compared to Juul, the Smok Novo 2 has a much larger e-liquid capacity (2ml) and uses both pre-filled and refillable trays. Unlike the Juul, you no longer have to throw away your device when you run out of juice. There are also many salt nicotine flavors to choose from.


  • High battery capacity
  • Indicator light
  • Drawing activated
  • 2 ml juice capacity
  • Refillable pods

Vaporesso Nexus AIO Pod Kit - Vaporesso

Vaporesso Nexus

The Vaporesso Nexus is only $ 6.49 and is a small product that you can carry under your personal belongings. You might even forget the device is in your pocket as it doesn't weigh much. This device also shows the battery life by flashing different colors depending on its status.

The Vaporesso Nexus has a 650 mAh battery and fast charging time. Two notable aspects of this device are the controlled airflow and automatic temperature regulation for a comfortable vaping experience. If you've ever dealt with an overheated steamer, the Vaporesso Nexus might be the answer to your problems. The temperature on this device can be controlled by selecting a button to toggle between the three settings. Like the Smok Novo 2, this device can be filled with 2ml of e-liquid and used with a variety of flavor options. For such a small device, the Vaporesso Nexus delivers powerful clouds of vapor that cannot be compared with other top devices.


  • Leakproof
  • 2 ml juice capacity
  • Indicator light
  • Affordable
  • 3 temperature settings

Smok North

Smok North

With a price of USD 39.99, the Smok Nord is definitely the highlight of the Smok devices. While the design may be a bit larger and heavier compared to the Juul, the Smok Nord offers many advantages that the Juul does not. The best thing about this device is the numerous coil options. Instead of replacing pre-filled pods, you can simply replace the coil with whatever resistor you want. Of course, different resistance coils can burn faster than others.

The battery in a Smok Nord device has a capacity of 1100 mAh, which is higher than most other vaping devices. When fully charged, this device can last up to 8 hours, depending on the frequency of use. In terms of design, the Smok Nord is the ultimate steamer. Equipped with an OLED screen, an ignition button and buttons to adjust the airflow, this device is well worth the price.

The Smok Nord has an e-liquid capacity of 4.5ml and uses a variety of flavored pods. With such a large e-liquid capacity and impressive useful life, this product is great for anyone who wants a reliable device.


  • OLED screen
  • Ignition button
  • Airflow adjustment
  • Impressive battery capacity
  • 4.5ml juice capacity
  • Interchangeable coils

Suorin Shine Pod Mod - Suorin

Suorin Shine

If you're familiar with popular brands of vape, you may have heard of Suorin before. Suorin makes many impressive steam devices, from the Suorin Air to the Suorin Shine. Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the Suorin Shine is one of the best Suorin products ever to hit the market.

The Suorin Shine is $ 16.99 and is very similar to the Juul, but better in almost every way. With a charging time of only 40 minutes and a battery capacity of 800 mAh, the Suorin Shine offers a long-lasting vaping experience. The device has two power options (full power and constant power) to help you get the most out of your device. Pressing the button activates full power mode, while activating the drag creates a constant flow of steam. There are also numerous e-liquid flavors to choose from when refilling your pod.


  • Affordable
  • Short loading time
  • Two watt options
  • Draw activation
  • 2 ml juice capacity

Reno 13W Pod Kit - Suorin

Suorin Reno

Another excellent Suorin product, the Suorin Reno, is a large but elegant device that is best for creating amazing clouds of vapor. The Suorin Reno is priced at $ 14.99 and is a small device that comes in many different colors, including black, silver, gold, red, and gray. This device uses 1.0 ohm mesh coils which can be replaced when burned out. Compared to other popular vaping devices, the Suorin Reno is quite easy to use and has draw activation, refillable and interchangeable pods.

This device has a battery capacity of 800 mAh and will last a few hours before the next charge. Each pod used for the Suorin Reno contains 3 ml of e-liquid and can be swapped out as you try different flavors. If you accidentally leave your device near children, Suorin has put a child-resistant lock on the device for safety reasons.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • 3 ml juice capacity
  • Child safe

Box Starter Kit - Joyetech Exceed

Joytech Exceed Box

Box mods are known for creating remarkable clouds of vapor and having great designs. If you are leisure vaping, this might be the perfect device for you. The Exceed Box is optimized for maximum performance with a 3000 mAh battery and dual circuit protection systems. The Exceed Box is priced at $ 34.99 and is an impressive purchase. It's equipped with child-resistant locks, overload protection and adjustable airflow.

The Exceed Box was designed specifically for two forms of inhalation: mouth-to-lung and direct-lung inhalation. This device contains four holes in the mouthpiece, the three small holes for mouth-to-lung inhalation and the other for direct hits. This fun design allows you to experience enhanced vape flavors for a long time. The e-liquid capacity can be changed from 2ml to 3.5ml by replacing the glass tank. In terms of modding, this device is a must have.


  • Good performance
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • Dual circuit protection
  • Customizable airflow
  • Customizable juice capacity
  • Optimized for direct inhalation of the lungs
  • Big clouds

Infinix Pod Mod Kit - Smoke

Smok Infinix

Another popular Smok device, the Smok Infinix, costs $ 8.39 and feels just like a Juul. The Inifinix is ​​almost exactly like a Juul, with the exception of an 8-second shutdown time and an LED battery indicator. This device is pull activated and uses a 250 mAh battery. Although the battery capacity is not that large compared to other devices, the Infinix is ​​very affordable.

With its small structure, the Smok Infinix is ​​portable and designed for discreet vaping on the go. When buying a pre-filled or refillable pod, there are also numerous flavors to choose from. With an e-liquid capacity of 2ml, this device holds enough liquid for hours of vaping.


  • Discreet
  • Affordable
  • 8 second draw cutoff
  • Indicator light
  • portable
  • 2 ml juice capacity

SMOK TRINITY ALPHA 25W Pod System Kit - Smok

Smocked Trinity

Costing $ 14.99, the Smok Trinity is a compact and portable device that can be wrapped in a variety of patterns and colors. The battery capacity for this device is 1000 mAh and can easily last for hours on a full charge. Unlike most popular devices, the Smok Trinity allows you to switch between regular e-liquid and e-liquid that contains salt-nicotine. This device uses pods that are pre-filled to a capacity of 2.8 ml. However, refilling the trays is very easy. If you are looking for a sleek device to show off to your friends, the Smok Trinity is a great option!


  • Affordable
  • 2.8ml juice capacity
  • Uses both regular nicotine and salt nicotine
  • 1000 mAh battery

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