How do you Refill a JUUL Pod?

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how to refill Juul Pod

The easiest way to refill JUUL bowls

There are some restrictions when purchasing official JUUL pods. First, you are limited to the choices of flavors JUUL offers. Second, you can't vape CBD as JUUL's official CBD pods are still unavailable.

However, there is another option that you can use to overcome these limitations. Refillable pods. How exactly do you refill a JUUL pod? Well you don't, instead you get these OVNS pods in the video below or just search for & # 39; refillable Juul pods & # 39; somewhere online. You will definitely find a company from a country outside of Juul Inc's usual patent law scope to manufacture them. Even if we can't sell them anymore, we hope this advice helps you. After all, Juul Inc can't stop us from giving our website visitors some friendly tips. (Note: As of October 2019, they are trying to suggest that commenting on the #Juul trend on Twitter is a violation of their IP. We don't sh * | you!)

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So if you can't refill a JUUL pod, this is the solution

You will need:

  • An e-liquid with a PG / VG base of 50/50 or a CBD ejuice of your choice (no CBD oil!)
  • Refillable ONVS pods that are JUUL compatible – but not official, we should add.

ONVS pods come in a pack of three pods, each of which can be refilled approximately 5 to 10 times. They contain roughly the same amount of juice as a JUUL. However, you don't have to throw it away when you're done. This protects the environment and your money.

1. Choose your nicotine e-liquid or CBD e-juice

OVNS refillable JUUL bowls

2. Simply peel off the top lid of the refillable container you want to use with your Juul kit.

Refill JUUL pods

3. Push your e-liquid nozzle into the hole

Refill JUUL pods

Fill the capsule and close the cap. This can then be inserted into your JUUL kit and vaporized.

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Why should you refill your JUUL kit?

If you refill an OVNS pod, which we think is just like JUUL, you can use it multiple times.

Having the ability to refill this pod multiple times will save you money as you get around £ 11 back with 4 official JUUL pods, while you can purchase an e-liquid to refill your pod 4 times for £ 5.

In addition, you have a lot more options for juices. Do you fancy blackjack menthol? Or how about banoffee pie? You can have these with refillable pods that are compatible with Juul.

You also have the option of filling your pod with CBD e-liquids. Vaping CBD is the most bioavailable way to enjoy this cannabinoid. It gets into your bloodstream and quickly provides the relief you are looking for.

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