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Valyrian 2 Pro from Uwell


The sub-ohm tank market is always competitive and constantly changing as manufacturers try to assert themselves and develop the best tank that can accommodate both cloud and flavor productions. Sub-ohm tanks have certainly improved in terms of taste over the past few years and many tanks can now create a taste experience that is close to an RDA / RTA. Below are our 5 top picks for the best sub-ohm tank of 2021

Our top 5 picks

Valyrian 2 Pro from Uwell

The Valyrian 2 Pro is the bigger brother of the original Valriyan 2 tank and continues to be the favorite among cloud and taste hunters. It has greater airflow than the Valyrian 2 and supports an 810 drip-tip which allows it to create larger clouds. The nice thing about the V2 Pro is that it can work at higher wattages and create dense clouds without compromising the taste quality. A real achievement by Uwell. In terms of leaks, both the Valyrian 2 and Valyrian 2 Pro have no major leakage problems thanks to Uwell's patented condensation chambers.


  • Great taste
  • Big clouds
  • Longer life of the coil
  • Easy to fill
  • Not prone to leaks


  • Increased e-liquid consumption (but not bad for a high wattage tank)
  • All coils operate on high wattages – not a low wattage option
  • High wattage coils will shorten battery life

The Wirice Launcher tank

Unlike Uwell's Valyrian series, The Launcher can support both medium and high wattages by using the W801 and W802 coil heads. While the launcher may not be the greatest cloud maker, it still has a punch and its flavor production is among the best. Wirice revolutionized the coil changing method with the launcher, allowing users to change coils without removing their tank or getting their hands dirty.


  • Easier, no spillage and cleaner bobbin changes
  • Great taste
  • Supports medium to high wattage


  • W801 Wattage Guidance a little too high (max. 65 W)
  • Drip tip too close to the filling hole – only really a problem with 100ml bottles
  • Not the best for cloud chasers

Wirice launcher

The Zeus Mesh Tank from Geek Vape

Geek Vape's Zeus Mesh Tank has the same design as the Zeus RTA. This, in turn, makes it leak-proof as Geek Vape placed the airflow on the top rather than the bottom of the tank. The combination of a large top airflow and a wide 810 drip-tip allows the Zeus tank to create huge clouds and the overall experience is not far from its RTA cousin. In addition, it also features a plug-and-play coil system that prevents the Z mesh coils from being crossed and making the coil change a little cleaner overall.


  • Changes to the Plug-N-Play coils
  • Leak-proof design
  • Solid overall construction


  • Shorter coil life compared to Launcher & Valyrian 2
  • Larger clouds affect the taste (mainly with Z 0.2 ohm coil)
  • Heavy consumption of juice

Zeus Tank by Geek Vape "style =" float: none;

The Aspire Guroo tank

Aspire's impact on the sub-ohm tank sector may be a little less compared to Uwell & Geek Vape. However, they reinvigorated the sector with the release of the Cleito tank and certainly expanded it with the Aspire Guroo Tank. Similar to the Wirice Launcher Tank, the Guroo Tank tried to make the spool changing process as easy as possible. With the Guroo, Aspire has developed the world's first Attach-Pull Release Tank that enables users to remove and release coils without losing their juice or saturating their hands with e-liquid. In terms of taste and cloud quality, it may not be the ultimate beast for cloud chasers, but it can still produce large clouds for users to enjoy the full flavor of their e-liquid.


  • No spillage, easy spool change
  • Decent clouds
  • Even airflow
  • Good quality flavor creation


  • Not the silence of the tanks
  • Not the best for those looking for huge clouds. However, the taste quality definitely makes up for it.

Aspire Guroo tank

VooPoo PnP pod tank

VooPoo has hit almost the entire industry with a lightning bolt, bringing high quality pod systems and other vape devices to market time and again. The PnP pods became extremely popular after the original Vinic pod system was released. VooPoo eventually released the PnP Pod Tank which made it possible to use the PnP pods on any device that supports a 510 connection. While the PnP tank can be used as a direct-to-lung or mouth-to-lung tank, the tank's airflow system makes it ideal for the sub-ohm PnP coils. Combined with the VM5, VM6, and VM1 coil heads, the PnP tank can create a traditional sub-ohm experience and create clouds of taste. The biggest disadvantage that puts this tank in 5th place is the problem of leakage. The PnP pods leak a lot more than your regular sub ohm tanks. However, most pods that use the plug and play system experience the same problem. Another weakness is that the PnP coils can lose flavor pretty quickly compared to other sub-ohm tanks, for example the Valyrian 2.


  • Excellent retail price
  • Inexpensive to maintain
  • Good overall coil life


  • Problems with leaks
  • Coils can lose their taste relatively quickly
  • Plastic capsules can erode

PnP tanks from VooPoo


The sub-ohm market may have lost a bit of ground in the UK with the increasing popularity of pod systems and high strength nickel salts. Nonetheless, manufacturers continue to innovate and regularly launch new sub-ohm tanks. As you can see on Wirice and Aspire, the goal lately seems to be to improve the performance of sub-ohm tanks by paying special attention to the method of changing coils.

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