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Elven beam below


I had never seen an Elf Bar a few weeks ago, nor had I ever heard of a paid, disposable vape. When I opened the box, I was intrigued by the way it looked. The fancy two-tone device with pastel colors and smooth rounded corners reminded me of a fancy lotion bottle. It's small enough to be easy to use for covert vaping and doesn't even look like a steamer at first glance. It sure beats like a vape device though.

When I first took it out of the box, I tried to hit it and it wouldn't allow me to draw. It turned out that there is a piece of tape at the bottom covering the blowhole (the thing that looks like a recycle symbol) that needs to be removed before you can start vaping. It keeps everything fresh for shipping and storage, but you should remove that little flavor saver before you start vaping. Coincidentally, if you remove the air hole with your fat finger until you remove the offending digit, it doesn't happen either.

The first thing I noticed was that it was a single-use device with a charger. It uses a Type-C charging port for quick charging, but you won't find a hole for liquid … it's already filled with enough juice for 5,000 puffs.

I wasn't sure what to make of this at first, but after a few days it all made sense. The routine for mine Eleven Bar Disposable Vape was to vape all day, charge the device for half an hour or so in the evening, and keep vaping. The e-liquid lasted almost a week with me. When the juice is gone, I just recycle the device. Net-net I got a week of vaping for about $ 20. That's about what I'm spending anyway, so this is a very viable option.

Check authenticity

I saw the QRC code on the packaging. I scanned it to make sure the device wasn't a clone. I immediately received notification that I was vaping an authentic Elf Bar product, not a clone pirate's backyard brew.

eleven bar packaging

That's how it is

There are no buttons or sliding vents. Just put it in your mouth and hit it. It hits well, I took both hits in the mouth, and by letting a little air out of the sides of my mouth to control the air mixture, I was able to hit the lungs directly. It's not as tight as my refillable vapes, but it's good for a single use device! It's perfect for vaping all day or on the go. It doesn't hit super hard, nor does it offer a great throat hit, but pulling hard gives you more than enough pull.

The battery lasted the whole first day and was charged in about half an hour after plugging in in the evening. I vape a lot and it lasted six days day and night. Charging is easy, the USB-C charging cable goes both ways and charges relatively quickly, so I was only without my device for about ½ hour.

The Elf Bar flavors

I tried three of the flavors. Here's my opinion if everyone:

Lemon mint – I'm usually not a big fan of fruits with mint, although it is very common to combine them these days. This lemon mint is the exception. The mint is good under the lemon flavor (where it belongs). On the exhale, I was reminded of the taste of lemonheads from my childhood. The more I smoked, the more it tasted right.

Sometimes trying out new flavors requires developing a taste for this blend, or it tastes 80% right, so you settle down. There is no settling with this flavor. I liked it when I first met it and the 5,000NS Time i hit it. I'm buying two of them because … Lemonhead!

Elfenbar lemon mint

Blue razz ice cream – The taste is less "on your face" than some other blue brands. It reminds me of Concord grapes. Not the seedless, sweet green grapes, but the thick-skinned, purple grapes with seeds. Exhaling this taste brings me back to eating wild grapes and the nostalgia got me hooked. After smoking it for a couple of days, I didn't get tired, I wanted more.

A lot of these fruit flavors go overboard and you can taste a little chemical or unnatural flavor with the fruit on the exhale. Not so with Elf Bar Blue Razz Ice. In contrast, Blue Razz Ice tastes great on the inhale and, importantly, retains a great taste on the exhale as well. I can literally vape this all day and don't feel like it's too much. I'm getting one of those today too.

eleven bar blue razz ice cream

Sakura grape – This is a spicy grape with a hint of cherry. In contrast to the Blue Razz Ice, which is spicy but subtle for all-day vaping, the Sakura Grape is a grape flavor "in your face". "Sakura" is another name for cherry blossom, so I imagine that the flavor they are aiming for is cherry / grape. I taste that. The taste is intense, sweeter than Blue Razz Ice and more of it. The smell is floral and grape. If you can't get enough of a flowery cherry grape this is the flavor for you.

Sakura grape

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