V2 Cigs Shuts Its Doorways: How To Discover Appropriate Refills

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V2 Cigs, a leading manufacturer of cigalike vapes, has been closed for good.

For fans of the brand we will unfortunately not see any new V2 products, nor will we get any more refill cartridges or spare parts from the V2 brand.

For those who don't want to give up their V2 cigs just yet, we have a couple of options for V2 compatible refills and other accessories that will allow you to smoke your favorite V2 e-cigarettes.

But first let's take a look at the question that is on everyone's mind …

Despite their apparent popularity, V2 cigs finally closed their doors in late 2018.

In a statement released by the company in November 2018, new US tariffs on Chinese imports and unsustainable losses from the previous quarters were cited as the reason for the decision.

However, a little research into V2 Cigs corporate history reveals a different story. The company was acquired by JUUL Labs in October 2018, just a month before the business went out of business.

This had led to much speculation that JUUL, the largest electronic cigarette company in the United States, bought V2 cigs to shut down the business.

What does this mean for V2 cigs customers?

First and foremost, if you want to keep using your V2 Cigs e-cigarette, you're out of luck. You won't get V2 branded vapes, batteries, e-juices, refills, or other branded accessories, but there are several products on the market that are compatible.

For customers who are concerned about their recent orders or dates, V2 released a statement just before it closed. To quote:

  • All orders placed with V2 after November 1st, 2018 will be refunded. The orders are not dispatched.
  • The 30-day refund guarantee ends in full on December 1, 2018.
  • V2's Vape4Free program has now ended.
  • V2 will keep personal customer data until the end of the required retention period. After the retention period has expired, all personal data will be destroyed.
  • V2 compatible refills, cartridges and accessories

    Fortunately for V2 fans, V2 e-cigarettes use a standard thread for their batteries and cartridges. That said, there are many compatible replacement parts options!

    this Thread size is the most important factor for compatibility. Use V2 cigs 808 threads.

    This means that most 808 threaded refills will work fine in your V2 cigs.

    Since V2 is gone, its refill cartridges, along with their unique flavors, are unfortunately completely gone. But do not despair! An old favorite may have disappeared, but a new chance to experiment is taking its place!

    For those who have invested in V2 batteries and chargers and don't want to give them up, you have two main refill options:

  • Find compatible, prefilled, refill cartridges from a manufacturer. All 808 threaded cigalike refill cartridges should work with your V2 cig batteries. This is the best way to mimick the old way of buying V2 refills.
  • Get yourself some refillable cartridges and your own e-juice. You can find empty cartridges for pretty cheap. Just make sure they have 808 threads and you should be good. You can fill these empty cartridges with almost any e-liquid your heart desires. That's the best way to do it Yes, really Experiment and see what varieties there are!
  • Find a new groove

    You might be a little disappointed that your favorite V2 e-juice refill is no longer on the market. That's understandable, but we have the solution.

    All you have to do is try a few of ours seemingly endless variety of e-juice flavors.

    With e-juices ranging from candy and dessert flavors to delicious tropical sensations to delicious tobacco flavors and everything in between, finding something to replace your favorite V2 e-juice is no problem.

    Whether you're looking for something to replace your cigarette habit or just to relax, there is an e-juice for every purpose. You can even add something new like caffeine if you opt for a refreshing menthol mixture, or exert yourself precise control over your nicotine levels.

    Compared to being stuck with the V2, which feels like inserting a refill, that's a lot of freedom!

    Transition from V2 cigs

    At some point there will come a time when V2 batteries and chargers fail. At this point, unfortunately, V2 products will be completely gone.

    For now, refills can keep your V2 in play. But there is no harm in thinking about what you are going to do after V2.

    Many cigalikes users adopt them to quit smoking. By the time the vape was released, V2 cigs had done everything to mimic the smoking experience.

    These days there is no shortage of vapes that can do everything V2 did or better. Fans of the V2's small profile and lightweight design will appreciate the portability and comfort of the small one. enjoy Vape pens that can easily slip into a pocket or disappear in a handbag.

    Something like the ever popular JUUL starter kit is an excellent way to step into a "more proper" vape that puts the Ziga style aside for a modern feel.

    If you want to step up your vaping game and get a high performance vape that can produce some serious clouds, there are several you should check out Mod and tank setups.

    These can be a little more expensive than basic e-cigarettes or vape pens, but they offer a great deal of control over your vaping experience.

    Advanced vapes allow you to control the temperature to choose the perfect hit, easily replenish huge supplies of your favorite e-juices, and even customize the look and feel for a truly personalized device.

    Ciao, V2 cigs!

    So, a quick recap for V2 cigs users who want to keep fighting:

  • Your V2 batteries have 808 threads. This means that any 808 thread refill cartridge should work.
  • Experiment with filling your own cartridges. Empty cartridges are cheap, and this gives you a great opportunity to experiment with different flavors and active ingredients.
  • V2 is permanently closed. The company is dissolved. You will not come back.
  • Your V2 battery won't last forever. Take a look at some other options for vape pens, tanks and mods, or other ways to replace your V2 setup if it eventually fails.
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