POTV ONE vs XMAX V3 Professional Vaporizer – Which $100 Vape is Greatest?

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POTV ONE vs XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Comparison

The Planet of the Vapes ONE dry herb vaporizer has been a hit for a couple years now, with outstanding performance at an incredible value, and the V3 Pro has a lot of the same talking points for a similar price. So which of these portable vaporizers should you get? The quick answer is buy the ONE for the better value, or the V3 Pro for longer battery life. But there are some other differences you should know about, so keep reading.

Black XMAX V3 Pro on the left, teal POTV ONE on the right.

POTV ONE is a massive value

The POTV ONE nails all the important points. It’s a full-featured, versatile little vape with big hits and a little price. It’s small enough to hide in plan view, but strong enough to power big sessions. With full digital temperature control, haptic feedback, and hot-swappable glass attachments, the POTV ONE’s only drawback is average battery life.

What sets Planet of the Vapes ONE apart is consistency. It always delivers.

  • Thick, tasty vapor
  • Full extraction with little waist
  • Easy and simple use
  • Good times!

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XMAX V3 Pro is small and satisfies

The XMAX V3 Pro doesn’t yet have the long track record of the ONE, but it’s clearly a vape to keep an eye on. It also fits in any pocket, with great hits, and is easy on the wallet. The V3 Pro has all the features of the ONE, but also has replaceable batteries and an On-demand vaping mode powered by its convection heater.

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Vapor quality












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Scale from 1-10, 10 is best.

Both have satisfying vapor

In side-by-side tests, the vapor from these two vapes was very similar, with clean air paths. Sessions are satisfying, with surprisingly comfortable, potent and tasty vapor from such small vapes. The V3 Pro tasted a little better, while the ONE’s vapor was a little fuller. These differences were subtle, and probably wouldn’t stand out if they weren’t used right next to each other.

The ONE has a slightly more comfortable hit

I would recommend the ONE over the V3 Pro to someone with a very sensitive throat, or weaker lungs. Hits are just a tad easier with the ONE, and the vapor gets thicker just a bit sooner, as well. The airflow is a little tighter on the V3 Pro, but not by much.

V3 Pro has better battery life

The V3 Pro is superior to the ONE when it comes to battery life. Where the POTV ONE will satisfy the light to medium user with enough sessions between charges, the XMAX V3 Pro can literally power through any situation. You’ll get more sessions per charge, and can swap out batteries at will.

The V3 Pro also comes with a USB-C charge port, compared to the ONE’s micro-USB port. Both can charge universally, but the V3 Pro charges faster via USB-C. If great battery life is one of the most important features for you, grab the V3 Pro. Neither unit comes with a wall charger, just the USB cable.

POTV ONE vs XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Battery ComparisonThe V3 Pro has better battery life and a removable battery.

Both are ultra-portable, but with different shapes

The V3 Pro portable vape is shaped and sized like a cigar, while the ONE goes for short and stubby. The POTV ONE is easier to conceal in a fist, and feels a little better in the pocket, but which shape is better is completely personal. If you mathed out the volume of these vapes, they’d probably end up about the same.

POTV ONE vs XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Size ComparisonThe POTV ONE is about half the height of the V3 PRO…POTV ONE vs XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Shape Comparison…but twice as thick.

Both can take a beating

Both the V3 Pro and ONE are solidly built, with metal outer shells and strong plastic parts. You won’t have to think twice about what’s in your purse or pocket when you throw either vape in there.

Both have small-ish sized ovens

The ONE and V3 Pro have ovens on the average side – large enough for most light to medium users. They both hold between 0.1 and 0.15 grams of dry herbs, depending on how you grind and pack. Dosing capsules for the ONE fit the V3 Pro perfectly, and are a great way to reload on the fly.

The main difference is the oven’s construction. The ONE’s bowl is made of titanium, while the V3 Pro uses stainless steel. We don’t think you’ll notice any difference.

POTV ONE vs XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Oven ComparisonPOTV oven on the left, V3 Pro oven on the right.

Both have quick heat up times

Both vaporizers heat up quickly for sessions anywhere. The POTV ONE’s fast heat up time is about thirty seconds, while the V3 Pro takes around 20 seconds depending on the set temperature

The ONE’s accessories stand out

The POTV ONE changed the game when it comes to what a vape can do with glass bubblers and water pipe adapters. With the Accessory Attachment (that comes standard with a glass mouthpiece), you can go from a dry mouthpiece to an attached bubbler or at-home water pipe in a second.

The V3 Pro uses a slightly different approach. It comes with a standard mouthpiece, and several different adapters can be bought separately to mate with glass or attach a bubbler. (The ONE includes the extra attachment in the box, and only the glass pieces are extra.)

Bottom line, the V3 Pro has fewer options, and they cost more money.

POTV ONE vs XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Glass ComparisonThe V3 Pro shown with water pipe adapter ($15 extra). The ONE shown with the curved bubbler (included at the $109 price point).

Both are easy to use

Both vapes have an intuitive three-button control scheme with LED display that’s proven to be effective and easy to use. All you need to know is clear with just a glance. If you prefer a longer session timer, only the V3 Pro will accommodate with a two-minute extension.

POTV ONE vs XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Controls ComparisonEasy three-button controls with LED display.

V3 Pro has On-demand mode

Most vapes run in Session mode which heats the herbs for a set amount of time, and you’re expected to finish before it shuts off. A few dry herb vapes can deliver vapor On-demand, without cooking between hits. The V3 Pro is unique in that it offers both modes.

Use it like normal in Session mode, or switch to On-demand mode and pick it up for just a hit every now and then. On-demand mode runs through the battery quicker, but it’s great for smaller appetites.

POTV ONE package has more value

Currently, the POTV ONE base price is $99 which includes a dosing capsule, accessory attachment, and extra glass mouthpiece. The V3 Pro base price is ten dollars more, doesn’t have a dosing capsule, and an equivalent glass mouthpiece will cost you an extra $15 (for a total of $124).

The value gap widens even more with a bubbler accessory (yes, you want this – it’s great!). Add a curved bubbler to the ONE package and the total is only $109. To get all the same functionality from the V3 Pro would cost $149 (vaporizer, glass mouthpiece and glass bubbler).

No matter how you slice it, the ONE is more affordable, and the value gets better as you add more accessories. Plus, you get to see if dosing capsules fit your style (great for quick reloads) without spending anything extra.

POTV ONE vs XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer Accessory ComparisonV3 Pro shown with water pipe adapter. ONE shown with the curved bubbler.

Who’s the POTV ONE for?

I recommend the POTV ONE to just about everyone, and happily watch them do the same. It’s a fantastic vape that fits a lot of lifestyles. But the V3 Pro is a crowd pleaser, as well.

The main reasons to choose the ONE over the V3 are value and versatility. It comes with $15 worth of additional accessories that have changed the game, and the savings really add up if you expand your options with multiple glass pieces. If you don’t care about On-demand mode, and won’t tear through batteries, the ONE is a better deal.

Who’s the V3 Pro for?

The XMAX V3 Pro is hot out of the gate with a lot of positive user-reviews. Most people can’t go wrong with it. The vapor and features are very similar to the POTV ONE, other than the V3 Pro’s On-demand mode. It’s one of the few vapes that offer On-demand mode, and the only one at this price point.

But where the V3 Pro laps the ONE is battery life. If you vape a lot, you’ll really appreciate all that went into this one – extended vape time, replaceable 18650 battery, and USB-C charge port. If battery life is more important than value for you, grab the V3 Pro.

POTV ONE vs XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer ComparisonONE glass pieces are hot-swappable, while the V3 Pro swaps out the entire mouthpiece.

Conclusion – POTV ONE vs XMAX V3 Pro

Don’t sweat this decision much – they’re both winners and you’ll be happy with either high quality vape. The V3 Pro and Planet of the Vapes ONE have much more in common than not. While vape nerds like myself will decide based on some lesser detail like On-demand mode, most will buy the ONE for the better value, or choose the V3 Pro for its great battery life. Those are the standout differences, and where I think you should put the most weight.

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