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Joe’s Juice is one of my all time favourite ejuice brands, and absolutely adore their CREME KONG blends, with the original CREME KONG – CUSTARD CREME sitting proudly in my Top 5 flavours. So you can imagine my excitement when Joe mentioned that he had been working on a Soft Mint blend, to add to the Creme Kong line up.

About Joe’s Juice.

Joe’s Juice was established in 2016 by Joe and Natalie Fisher in Nottingham. Now, more than five years later, they are established as one of the leading e-liquid provider in the UK,  

Since there Launch they have gone from strength to strength in terms of variety, flavour and popularity. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner to the world of vaping, or an old hand, they have the right concoction for you.

Joe’s Juice have 100 of premium UK Shortfills, Accessories and Merchandise to choose from, to help satisfy your search for the ultimate vaping experience.

Creme Kong Soft Mint is described on the website as follows,

OMG! It’s Creme Kong Soft Mint! Super squishy, sweet candy with
a moreish menthol mint.

Creme Kong Soft Mint comes in a choice of sizes 50ml, 100ml or 200ml.

From £7.99 to £19.99, and also offer Split Pay which allows you to pay in 3 handy interest free instalments, in case you get caught short, and can’t wait till pay day.

Don’t forget to order any Nic Shots you may need.


The Creme Kong Soft Mint experience.

Minty vapes aren’t normally on my shopping list, as I tend to find them all a little bit samey,  So trust me when I say that Creme Kong Soft Mint, is no normal mint, and is a giant amongst mints.

As you inhale, you are initially greeted with the well polished, shiny Mint exterior,giving off an inviting smooth Mint, which gently bounces in across your tastebuds, leaving a happy tongue in its path, its only as it reaches further up your tongue, that this shiny exterior begins to melt away, allowing the soft Mint interior to finally break free, with this squishy center comes an intense Mint sensation, that seems to fool you into drawing in more and more,of its cooling wave, and by the time you realise that the menthol infusion has reached its boiling point, it’s to late, and you just need to sit back and enjoy the ride, and an invigorating blast 💥 of menthol cool hits that of your throat like the proverbial Iceberg hitting the Titanic.

As you exhale the cooling wave flows back out over your tongue, like a wave retreating from the shore,  reinvigorating the somewhat frozen waste land, that is your tongue. By the time it reaches your lips it it just a pleasant cooling breeze.

I found this  forementioned sensation is highly addictive, and you find yourself perfecting the level of artic wind that hits the back of your throat, depending on your mood.  Once your tastebuds get over the initial shock, and acclimatises to the flavour, you get see what a perfect Mint blend that Soft Mint really is, the sweetness is balanced to perfect, with just the right amount of mint, and sprinkle of sugar coating. Absolute Mint Magic.

Joes Juice very kindly sent out a 200ml bottle, which I have been vaping all week, in between assorted Donut vapes that I am testing. And Soft Mint is the perfect escape from the rich dessert vapes, so much so that I am nearly 3/4 of the way through the bottle. It really is that good, perfect with the morning coffee, midday pick me up, or relaxing in the evening with a cool vape. There doesn’t seem to a time that does suit Soft Mint.  Like I say Mint Magic, and Vaping Perfection 10/10.

MVR Score

Flavour : 10/10

Throat Hit : 10/10

Vapor Production : 10/10

Overall : 10/10

Head over to Joes Juice and try it for your self. Creme Kong Soft

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