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Commentary attributable – Thalia Cheng, CMO of VAPORESSO

My Vaping Reviews was lucky enough to get a virtual Q&A with the global brand VAPORESSO.

Q:  What’s new at VAPORESSO?

“Moving beyond the Ordinary,” is the new at VAPORESSO.  Behind the scenes, it’s taken a year to develop a NEW logo and branding.  The LUXE X and GEN PT60 | 80 S are two new models launched at the recent vaping shows.  The VAPORESSO tech has moved up a notch, the team has developed a NEW technology called COREX.  The new COREX tech is the core of good flavour and gives the most accurate flavour reproduction.  VAPORESSO has even teamed up with two American urban icons, BigSleeps x TwoJsKicks, for a vaping collaboration to keep it fresh.” – VAPORESSO.

Q: Explain the new logo? 

“VAPORESSO has revealed a stunning new logo. The new logo features the letter “V” at the forefront to symbolize the passion characterising the vaping community.  Encircled behind by the letter “O,” symbolizing a vapor ring opening up.  The ‘O’ represents the joy, love and hope VAPORESSO brings.  ’V’ and ‘O’ are the defining symbols for VAPORESSO. ” 

Q: What is the recent street artist collaboration all about?

VAPORESSO teamed up with two American urban icons, BigSleeps x TwoJsKicks, as part of a stylish new look for the best-selling XROS Nano vape kit.  These two popular culture figures add an edge.  BigSleeps, the founder of BigSleeps Ink/Letters To Live By, is a legendary lettering tattoo artist based in LA, USA.  BigSleeps artistically developed a Chicano style lettering design and artwork which we consider to be unique and ‘out of the ordinary,’ just like VAPORESSO.   The second street artist is Jaysse Lopez, or TwoJskicks, the founder of the biggest USA sneaker re-sell store ‘Urban Necessities’ and social media star, with 905k followers on INSTAGRAM and 310k YouTube subscribers.  TwoJskicks, is regarded as the king of sneakers by ‘sneakerheads’ and front of mind in the face of the ever-changing trends.

Q: What are the newest models? 

VAPORESSO recently announced the launch of two new vaping models, the LUXE X and GEN PT60 | 80 S. The LUXE X features top COREX technology to give more clouds and better flavour while looking stylish in design.   The GEN PT60 | 80 S is the first vape kit on the market to have an integrated top airflow and top filling system.  It features leak free technology Double Top, Triple S, Quarter leak resistance, an industry first of its kind.  Beat the Tank with the VAPORESSO GEN PT60 | 80 S, as well as the COREX technology, it features technology and style and is yet more cost effective than leading competitors.

Q: How does VAPORESSO differ from competitors?

VAPORESSO is constantly researching and striving to present the best models to market.  The newest LUXE X and GEN PT60 | 80 S models contain a new COREX technology, two years in the making.  The team developed a patented Morph-Mesh structure offering even more heating and stronger flavor boosts to provide a flavorful vaping experience.  A key component is the cumulus cotton, formed by a complex microfibre structure, which is innovated to be fluffier for a higher liquid delivery, ensuring a more consistent and longer vape experience.  The COREX technology newly developed heating material gives the kits more rapid heating and vaporizing and provide 30% more clouds and better flavour even in low wattage.  The COREX heating innovation adds to the VAPORESSO existing technology, the AXON Chip which is a smart and powerful vape chip to deliver more, know more and do more and the SSS Leak-resistant technology which means anti-leak and anti-mess.

Q: What did you learn at the Vaper Expo Birmingham or the World Vape Show Dubai?

We loved engaging with our retailers, press and influencers at the vaping shows. It’s a chance to gain real feedback on VAPORESSO.  The newer models received amazing feedback.  The stylishness of the LUXE X and the transparency of being able to see the AXON Chip in the model was well received.  We gained so much positive feedback and excitement on the GEN PT60 | 80 S and the model as seen as a contender to be a market leading product.  VAPORESSO got recognised at the show and won awards, VAPORESSO came 1st for the Best Tank, 2nd place for Best Mod and winning 3rd place for Best Pod system at the Vapouround awards. 

Q: What influencers are using VAPORESSO products?

Vaping Bogan is a supporter of the brand and presented a speech at the Vaper Expo show Birmingham.  We’re vaped by so many of the leading influencers in the industry from Vaping Vinny, Vape TV and FlatCap Vaper who we can see as becoming the next big vaping influencer.

Q: Who started VAPORESSO?

Chairman and CEO Simon Lai started VAPORESSO from a personal story.  Before vaping, Lai, was a traditional smoker of over 10-years, who would still be smoking tobacco now had the electronic cigarette not been invented.  Vaping was the catalyst to quit smoking successfully, life changing and led to the creation of VAPRESSO.  Vaping allowed Lai, to get all the benefits and enjoyment of smoking without the harsh effects on his health.  Lai, created an electronic cigarette with a high-quality luxury design to help people quit smoking. 

Q: What is the main goal of VAPORESSO?

VAPORESSO has strong belief to listen to our consumers needs and develop products to the market, not based on trends.  VAPORESSO products are reliable and never break, we want our clientele to know this is a goal.  VAPORESSO was born with humble intentions to encourage others to give up smoking for a healthier option.  We’ve received support for this goal from John Dunne, director general of the UK Vaping Industry Association, who recently said: “The UK Government has set a goal for the country to be smoke free by 2030, with vaping playing a major role in this ambition.  We support all our members, including Vaporesso, who are developing vape products that meet UK regulations and pose considerably less risk than smoking, helping the millions of smokers in the UK to quit their habits.”  The purpose and goal of VAPORESSO is to encourage others with my story to quit smoking and bring positive change. 

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