ESCO Bar H2O Disposable Vape $16.14 (USA)

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ESCO Bar H2O Disposable Vape $16.14 (USA)

Here are the best deals and discounts for the ESCO Bar H2O Disposable Vape. Get this vape bar for only $16.14 using discount code “VC15“! It’s also available from another USA based store for $18.29 with free shipping on orders of $100 using discount code “SHIP4FREE“!

The ESCO Bar brand is back with another vape bar, the H2O Disposable. It’s quite different when comparing it with their previous disposable, but offers the great quality you’d expect. The ESCO Bar H2O Disposable is available in five unique flavors which include Mango Lassi, Green Apple, Blueberry Bubblegum, Strawberry Milkshake and Vanilla Custard.

What’s great about the H2O Bars is that they feature a mesh coil design, ensuring excellent flavor out of these. The key difference here is that this is offered in a different nicotine, which is a water base nicotine. This allows for a smoother vape altogether. Another awesome feature is the amount of e-liquid you’ll get with the H20, a massive 15ml of e-juice is preloaded. This is good for up to 6,000 puffs. Lastly, they are rechargeable using a type-C cable.

The H20 Disposable Vape by Esco Bars is an excellent addition to their growing lineup of vape bars. You get a ton of vape juice, a smooth vape thanks to the water based nicotine, and 5 amazing flavors.

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