What Is Snus? 7 Information About Snus We Know

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We have seen the rise and fall of marijuana; vapes, bongs, and pipes have also reigned for a while, CBD mania is still here, but we pretty much know about it. The world of drugs and nicotine has always been like this: a new product is always ready to stir the market. And this time, it is snus! You might not have heard about snus because it is relatively new to the market. Though our blogs are all about vaping, at the end of the day, harm reduction is what we’re after.

It is becoming popular in countries like Sweden, Norwegia, etc. But it has not become an outbreak phenomenon all over the world. That’s why many people don’t know about it. And those who know find it difficult to find a reliable source of information. You might find a few Reddit communities, but they are not fully mature, like CBD communities. That’s why we have come up with this blog to explain everything we know about snus. 

Here are a few facts about snus:

  1. What is snus? 

First things first, what is this substance snus? It is a form of powdered, smokeless, moist tobacco. It is usually kept under the upper lip and lower lip. You can find it in two forms: loose powder or a pre-packaged, small sachet (like a tea bag). You can buy both these forms depending on your preference and way of consumption.

2.               What are the major ingredients of snus?

Its major ingredient is definitely grounded tobacco. But it also contains salt and smoke aroma flavorings, such as juniper, citrus, herb, bergamot, or floral aroma. The amount of nicotine varies depending on the brand, but people prefer products with high nicotine levels. One proof of this is the growing popularity of kurwa snus which contains as high as 43 mg/g nicotine, around 23 points more than competitors. So, when it was launched, its popularity immediately skyrocketed.

3.               Is snus the right harm reduction product? 

With respect to criteria, yes, snus complies with the tobacco harm reduction criteria. It contains low-risk nicotine and surprisingly, it has been observed to have lowered tobacco usage and related diseases in countries that have allowed snus usage. So, it might strengthen the claim that snus is the right harm reduction product. However, it requires more clinical trials and research to prove the statement.

4.               Is snus different from other oral tobaccos? 

One single answer: yes! We have discussed that snus is a smokeless tobacco, but this doesn’t give it a distinct status. There are many other smokeless tobacco types. What makes snus different from others is that Swedish snus is not fermented, but pasteurized, which hinders the growth of carcinogenic causing bacteria. Moreover, snus is refrigerated to inhibit the growth of toxins further. 

5.               How can we use snus? 

Snus is used in a typical way as naswar is used in some areas of South Asia. You place it between the upper lip and gum. The nicotine is released in the saliva and becomes a part of the body. The rate of release differs from person to person. So, every person should find their own best rate of nicotine release.

6.               Is snus harmful to others? 

Cigarettes cause a second-hand risk to the life of others when the smoker leaves smoke in the air. However, being smokeless, moist tobacco, snus doesn’t release any smoke. So, snus users do not threaten friends, family, and colleagues.

7.               Is snus really helpful in quitting smoking? 

A detailed study of Swedish and Norwegian smoking habits shows that snus has played an important role in decreasing the number of smokers compared to Nicotine Replacement Therapy products. After the active use of snus in Sweden, the country has the lowest smoking prevalence rate in the EU. The daily smoking rate is also decreasing in Sweden by 8%, whereas it is totally disappearing in some age groups. These stats show a positive impact of snus on smoking reduction.


Whenever a new nicotine-related product is launched in the market, it becomes the cherished child of everyone without knowing the facts behind the product, which can be harmful to users. So, it is always better to dig out facts, review studies, and take reviews before start consuming them. It will save your health in the long run.

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