Dr.Vapes Panther Sequence Black Custard.

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Dr.Vapes Panther Series Black Custard.

Review of Panther Series Black Custard by Dr.Vapes

This multi-award winning Ejuice manufactures very kindly sent over a selection of juices from their Panther Series.

About Us

We live in an era where technology is steadily progressing in order to improve our quality of life. One of the most revolutionary tech creations has been e-cigarettes. They’ve been proven to be 95% safer than smoking cigarettes, meaning millions of smokers worldwide have made the switch and changed their lives for the better.

Our mission is to help smokers from all walks of life make this change comfortably, safely and enjoyably. We’re ex-smokers ourselves so we know how difficult it can be to kick this habit. We constantly strive to create the finest e-juices so your transition to vaping is just as smooth as our flavours. From vibrant and fruity, to rich, deep, tobacco flavours – we’ve got something to whet everyone’s appetite.

The Doctor was introduced to e-cigarettes back in 2013, which led to him to brewing his first juice in 2014. He started off producing special “all day vape” recipes, made to be enjoyed from the first puff of the day to the very last. He then branched off into creating more intricate mixes and playing around with different levels of flavours and concoctions. Years of growing expertise and experimentation has led him to produce award winning ranges available globally, including “All Dat Stuff”, “The Panther Series” and so much more!

The Panther Series.

Our world famous Panther Series is the collection that put Dr Vapes on the map. This multiple award winning range consists of 5 iconic flavours; Pink, Purple, Blue, Black and Gold. Each premium quality nic salt and e-liquid flavour is based on classic tastes that have been rigorously tried and tested by industry experts before being put into production. From earthy, rich tobacco to indulgent syrupy deliciousness, you’re guaranteed to find a favourite within the Dr Vapes Panther collection.

Black Custard 100ml Shortfill

We’ve extracted the vanilla custard element from our Black Panther flavour to give you the créme de la créme of dessert flavours. This deliciously creamy custard has just the right amount sweetness without being sickly- guaranteed to keep you reaching for more.

Flavour: Vanilla, Custard 

Size Reviewed: 100ml  

Nic Salt Available in : 10ml, 30ml, 

Shortfill available in 50ml, 60ml, 100ml 120ml.

Nicotine: 0mg 

PG/VG Ratio: 22% PG / 78% VG 

Compatibility: Suitable for sub-ohm devices 

Price : £15.99 (£16.00 inc. 10ml 18mg Nic Shot – 3mg)

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The Black Custard Vaping Experience.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am Massive Custard fan, so Black Custard had to be the first of the Panther Series that I loaded up my Squonker with. And what a treat. This dreamy dessert topping definitely didn’t disappoint.  

The inhale gave layer upon layer of super smooth Custard creaminess, that casually coats your taste buds, as it travels up the tongue. With intense high notes of natural vanilla, that gives this custard creation a real preciseness to the overal flavour, cutting through the creaminess, and allowing the sticky natural sweetness to come through, adding yet another layer of flavour, to this dreamy delight.  

To me this blend tastes exactly the same as ‘Ambrosia Devon Custard’  full of West Country Creamy Milk, and still made in Devon Creamy.  Perfect hot and cold, straight out of the tub.

The exhale, allows for the creaminess to double down, delivering layer upon layer of creamy goodness, with that precise sweet vanilla hit, just as it exits out over your tips.  

Conclusion .

Super impressed with this blend. Especially the way the flavour holds, from the first drop to the last. Would definitely recommend this blend to all you custard lovers out there.  And for those of you wanting to vape it in a lower wattage pod system, then definitely check out their Nic Salt version, which not only delivers immense flavour, but a satisfyingly solid throat hit.

To purchase a bottle just follow this link https://dr-vapes.com/collections/the-panther-series-desserts/products/black-custard-100ml

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