Interview with Imran Ismail founder and CEO of Doozy Vape Co.

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Interview with Imran Ismail founder and CEO of Doozy Vape Co.

Having worked with Imran so long, I was keen to find out more out him, the team and the real Doozy Vape Co. Imran was kind enough to agree to this Interview. Before we get into the interview question, I thought it best to introduce you to Doozy Vape Co.

About Doozy Vape Co. the home of Multi Award Winning flavours. Established in 2015.

Doozy Vape Co is proud to be recognised Globally as a Premium quality e-liquid Brand.

Our Journey began in 2015 and was defined by a genuine passion for vaping. Doozy has grown to become one of the worlds most distinctive vape brands, specialising in high quality e-liquid in a unique variety of flavours.

The product of choice for connoisseurs and novices alike, the Doozy portfolio has a flavour for every vaper. With innovation in-mind we strive to deliver perfection.

Our knowledge coupled with creativity and attention to detail is why Doozy has become the brand of choice for vapers all across the world.

Our range of Vape juice includes Fruits, Ice, Menthol, Dessert, Candy, Cocktails and Tobacco.

Doozy flavours are available in all popular e-liquid size bottles and compositions including 10ml 50:50 perfect for those looking to quit cigarettes to e-liquids for the more advanced vaper such as our Salt Nicotine products available in 10mg, 20mg, 30mg and 50mg. We also offer a Hi VG mix of flavours in 0mg 50ml Short fill also known as Shake and Vape these 30 PG 70 VG mixed liquids require a Nicotine Shot for those who prefer their vape with nicotine. We cater for our Non-EU customers with pre mixed nicotine liquids available in 60ml and 100ml bottle sizes with our Nicotine Salts available in 30ml bottles and higher nicotine strengths 30mg and 50mg.

Since the implementation of the Menthol Tobacco ban in the UK in 2020 we have had an increase in the popularity of our Ice Menthol flavour ranges such as the Doozy Cool CollectionJuice Junki and our Menthol Flavour in the 50/50 range.

  • 6 Years creating and evolving to produce great flavours
  • 47 Doozy employees spread globally
  • Global footprint strong growth across 6 continents
  • 37 Expo’s presented at.

Interview with the Founder and CEO of Doozy Vape Co Imran Ismail

I started vaping in 2011

Q : What made you turn your passion into a business and why?

I wasn’t happy with the flavours and intensity of the flavours available and thought I could do a better job, like most people who think they can do better, but talking about it and doing it is 2 diff things, I thought to myself if you think you’re that good then go for it…rest is history

Q : What was your first vape device?

It was a push pod system from Totally wicked, it leaked so much but I persevered .

Q: What was your first Ejuice?

Totally Wicked Strawberry flavour

Q :What is the hardest part of running a vape business?

To continually keep the end users happy and looking at your brand and what products you have to offer them, their head are turned by everyone especially those who shout loudest as with any industry but the marketing I would say is an area that has no right or wrong answer you have to pump money and resources in the hope it is eventually worth it. Of course you need the product to be good too but to me because my standards are high I dont cut corners but after that its how to push the buttons of the buying public who then put pressure on retail who put pressure on Distro its a domino effect but if you fail at the first hurdle the rest doesnt work as retail and Distro are not interested

Q :What inspires you every day?

Fear of failure, when you have come so far you never want to go backwards, I have not had it easy and having a respectable job and a business is not something I take for granted, I waited all my life for the opportunity to show myself what I am capable of and everyday I ensure I do the very best I can and I instill that ethos in my staff. We are blessed to have what we have and success takes a lifetime to achieve and a moment to be lost

Q: What Vaping set up do you use every day? 

Smok RPM 40 and Oxva Xlim both salts devices on 20mg with low ohm coils for a good hit

Q: What do you think the next 5 years will bring to For Doozy?

Hopefully we continue to grow and maintain consist levels of business and hopefully by then we have done enough work for someone with more hunger and deeper pockets to buy out the business because going at it full pelt each day takes it toll and I am not getting any younger. I always say its better to go out at the top so hopefully if it is meant to be someone will be interested.

Q: How did Brexit effect your business?

It made logistics incredibly difficult more than anything, prices went up and the most annoying thing was how complicated it made everything like the paperwork and change in regulations which is small really annoying stuff you feel is a waste of time having to deal with it but what can you do. At the time when we all voted its was a case of Becareful what you wish for!

Q : How many people work at Doozy HQ? And who are they? And what are their favourite type of flavours?

We have 7 people at HQ and many others all over some I have never met and some I hardly speak to as funny as it sounds, the business is quite unique we have people working on different things all over the world

We have Josh warehouse foreman he vapes dessert flavour salts he loves the Temptations Range

Afzal and Asif in the warehouse – these 2 dont vape

Mohammad who is head of Finance – He vapes Sub Ohm only Doozy flavours mainly fruity from Legends and Seriously 

Atif is Accounts Junior – doesnt vape

Saj – Account Manager on the sales – Vapes BlackcurrantLemoande from Seriously Nice and All Our Salts Ranges

Q : What is your favourite Ejuice?

My favourite is Blue Razz Berry from Seriously Fruity, caramel Tobacco from our Salts and Golden Elixir in Legends these are my go to flavours

Stranded on a dessert island what Set up would you take? And what ejuice would you take?

I would have my RPM 40 with Caramel Tobacco in 20mg all day long

Q : What is your best selling ejuice?

Our Number 1 for the last 3 years has to be by far Seriously Fruity Blue Razz Berry its even been Vape Clubs Number one best selling Short fill for the past 3 years which is not easy to be number 1 with them and remain for so long as they have thousands of flavours on the site as you know

Q : If you could change one thing about Doozy,  what would it be?

I would prefer bigger premises to hold more stock but apart form that I wouldn’t change anything else.

Q : What makes Doozy different from other vape business?

Without being disrespectful to the other brands, its hard to say because its things built up over many years like brand loyalty, consumer confidence, trust from end users knowing their money isn’t wasted if they buy something of ours, retailers know they will make money if they buy and sell our liquids and Distro know by carrying our products they will sell themselves. Not all brands can say that. We dont move away too far from what we do best, some brands get involved in products that take them away from doing what they do best but we stick to doing what we do best and do it to the best of our ability. Our customer service is key and always been a focus of mine from end user experience to retail and Distro we make sure things are simple and easy for everyone involved in the processes that are in place.

Q : How did the business begin?

The business began from home making a few flavours and me going from shop to shop trying to get them on shelves in 2015 there weren’t many vape shops to it was mainly convenience shops and the odd vape shop. I was selling alot to friends in the area.

Q : Is running a successful vape business all you thought it would be?

Yes its like any business at the end of the day its about building a customer base and maintaining it with everything in-between which is a learning curve and believe me I have learnt many lessons along the way and built a good network of people throughout the industry. So I knew what I was getting myself in for because in previous years I have watched, listened and learnt so when my turn came I knew what to do and what to stay away from

Q : What is the best and worst part of your job?

The best part of the job is seeing the orders go up because that means you are doing something right and thats how you judge how successful things are. I know some will say they enjoy seeing so many people stop smoking and helping people stop smoking etc thats also nice but its always about the bottom line

Worst part of the job for me is now flavour development I used to love it but it is intensely boring and laborious. As boring as it is this is the key to success so its imperative that its right so I just get on with it, I have always developed my own flavours till today this task is not farmed out I am hands on and would never allow someone else to do it because it is the nucleus of the business and the buck stops with me, every flavour defines the path forward and if its not done right then you get away with it once twice but then the walls start to cave in and before you know it its game over and this I cannot allow to happen. Some would say delegate but I say dont move away from the winning formula which not everyone is gifted to understand how to develop flavours not that I know it all but I try my best and its served me well so far.

Q : Does Doozy have mission statement? And if so what is it?

Mission statement I am not one for these types of quotes because to be honest I dont really know what a mission statement is but if it is something we do and will continue to do then it is a promise that as long as I am breathing we will strive to produce the best tasting liquid and best looking branding the industry gets to see because that is what we are here to do. Our role now is to help the industry to grow and get stronger. End users rely on us to stop them from looking back as in going back to cigs, retailers rely on us to help their business and so do Distro so its a chain reaction. The mission is to ensure the whole thing just works as we have many who rely on us to do what we do right, we are a small cog in a bigger machine and all cogs need to be performing for the machine to be operating efficiently

A massive thanks to Imran, for his support of the blog over the years, and for taking the time to take part in this interview.  If you haven’t had the chance to try out any of the Doozy Vape Co juices, then I recommend that you head over to 

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