Prime 10 Finest RTA Vape Tanks Of 2022 In The UK

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Suicide Mods Ether RTA

How do you find the Best RTA Vape Tanks when the vaping world is growing bigger and better with every passing day. Manufacturers seem to be introducing different types of devices, accessories and flavours constantly.

With countless vape tanks in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right one amongst them. When trying to select the best vape tank, there are a plenty of factors that a buyer must keep in their mind, such as tank capacity, functionality and price.

Which RTA Tank Should I Buy?

The vape market is full of tanks that are different from each other in terms of design, size, versatility and style and due to this it can seem impossible to find the best vape tank without trying all the Subohm tanks & RTA tanks currently available for sale. Of course all manufacturers and suppliers claim their tanks and devices are the best, but how can you really know for sure that their products will fit your requirement?

Well you’re in luck, we have gone through all the current vape tanks currently available for sale in the UK to see if they meet the demands of UK vapers.

Here are 10 best vape tanks available in the UK that you must have this year:

1. Suicide Mods Ether RTA

Suicide Mods Ether RTA

The Ether RTA was created as a collaboration between Suicide Mods and the Vaping Bogan. Designed for primarily mouth to lung style vaping, this is one of the best single coil RTA tanks out there at the moment.

Featuring a shorter height design, this single coil RTA looks amazing on top of most mods and pairs perfectly with a side by side device for ultimate carriabilitiy.

Here are some of the top features of the Suicide Mods Ether RTA:

  • Easy to install single coil RTA
  • 24mm so fits on most mods
  • Easy to dial in airflow
  • Excellent flavour for MTL

The bottom line: Great MTL and great build at a great price.

We rate the Suicide Mods Ether RTA: 4/5

2. Wotofo Profile M RTA

Wotofo Profile M RTAWotofo Profile M RTA

Wotofo have been making some amazing RTAs and RDAs over the years, including the infamous Troll series. This time they have taken a step out of the Geekvape book and created one of the best mesh RTA UK on the market.

With a super short 27.8mm design (with drip tip removed) the Profile M RTA is the newest version of the popular Profile RTA.

Why do we love the Profile M RTA:

  • Great design as per usual from Wotofo
  • Spring loaded wicking channel to give the best flavour possible
  • Super low profile design looks great on all devices.
  • No leaking from the top airflow design.

The bottom line: Easy to use mesh performance from one of the best manufacturers on the market.

We rate the Wotofo Profile M RTA: 4/5

3. Geekvape Zeus X Mesh

Geekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA

No top 8 list of the year would be complete without including a mesh RTA!

With no fancy coils to build, no hotspots to get out of your coils and no fiddling with coil legs to get them the right length, mesh is gaining even more popularity. 

With a large surface area, mesh strips offer great flavour and are super easy to install that anyone could do it. 

The Geekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA takes all of the features from the Zeus X RTA but replaces the deck with an easy to install mesh clamp system.

Why do we love the Geekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA:

  • Top airflow design
  • Mesh RTA deck is extremely easy to use. 
  • Spring loaded wick installation
  • Simple to use top fill

The bottom line – If you are looking for an RTA thats going to be simple to use and build. This mesh RTA will do this trick perfectly. 

We rate the Geekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA: 4/5

4. Dovpo Blotto Single Coil RTA

Dovpo Blotto Single CoilDovpo Blotto Single Coil

The Blotto RTA has seen a couple of versions become available in the past year or two – the original Blotto, the Blotto Mini and now the Blotto Single Coil RTA. By taking elements of the previous devices, this is one way to create the best RTA for flavour.

This is the best RTA single coil to hit the shelves in a while, and with amazing flavour, simple to install coils and the usual Dovpo quality we’ve come to expect – this is a no brainer to vote as the best RTA 2022.

These are what we think are the best features of the Dovpo Blotto Single Coil RTA:

  • Same great design the previous Blotto RTAs
  • Possibly the best flavour RTA in a while
  • Easy to install coils
  • 23mm diameter fits on most side by side mods

The bottom line: The best blotto yet?

We rate the Dovpo Blotto Single Coil RTA: 5.5/5

5. Dead Rabbit R

Hellvape Dead Rabbit RHellvape Dead Rabbit R

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit R is an interesting tank. Not falling under typical definition of a Rebuildable Tank Atomiser, this is a subohm tank with a trick up its sleeve – rebuildable coils.

For those wanting the mesh replaceable coil experience with the low cost nature of RTA vapes, the Hellvape Dead Rabbit R allows you to rebuild the mesh subohm coils with ease and get the best of both worlds.

Here is a quick look at some of the top features of the Hellvape Dead Rabbit R:

  • Subohm tank without 75% of the costs
  • Excellent new technology brings you subohm tank with RTA tricks.
  • Great chamber brings great flavour
  • Accessories allow you to rebuild up to 10 times included in the package

The bottom line: new technology that works!

We rate the Hellvape Dead Rabbit R: 4.75/5

6. Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA

Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTAHellvape Fat Rabbit RTA

The Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA is certainly a different styled RTA when it comes to looks but the performance you get from it makes it one of the best mesh RTA 2022.

This massive 28.4mm mesh RTA is one of the biggest vape tank on the market and it packs a punch!

Although this may look similar to the original Wotofo Profile M, the Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA features a postless deck for traditional wire coils over its mesh counterpart.

Here is a quick peek into some of the the best features of the Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA:

  • Postless deck makes coil installs a breeze
  • Massive 28.4mm size looks great on larger devices
  • Single or dual coil compatible
  • Huge airflow

The bottom line: With a postless deck, the options are endless.

We rate the Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA: 4/5

7. Aspire 9th Tank RTA

Aspire 9th Tank RTAAspire 9th Tank RTA

Aspire are known for their amazing quality and design, and for this amazing tank they have teamed up with the high end company NoName.

While this tank is technically an RTA, it also has the ability to use pre-made coils from the Aspire AVP Pro.

This RTA vape tank is best suited for a MTL style of vaping, thanks to its incredibly precise bottom airflow adjustment so you can find the perfect draw. Thanks to its easy top fill, and its simple single coil style RTA deck, you’ll be up and running in to time if you decide you would prefer to use your own coils.

What we love about the Aspire 9th Tank:

  • Ability to use AVP coils
  • Included RTA deck too
  • High end design at budget price
  • Super precise airflow adjustment

We rate the Aspire 9th Tank: 4.5/5

8. Oxva Arbeiter 2 RTA

Oxva Arbeiter 2 RTAOxva Arbeiter 2 RTA

Oxva are a relatively new company when it comes to making RTAs compared to some of the more well known companies such as Hellvape, Geekvape or Dovpo but that doesn’t mean their devices are not up to par.

The Oxva Arbeiter 2 is one of the best top airflow RTA to hit the market, and could be in the running for best RTA vape overall. With top airflow to stop leaking and some great flavour to boot, this 26mm RTA vape will look great in anyones collection.

Here is why we love the Oxca Arbeiter 2:

  • Fanned airflow structure provides super smooth vape.
  • Single or dual coil compatible
  • Top airflow so no leaking
  • Classically simple design

The bottom line: Oxva hit the ground running with one of the best top airflow RTA.

We rate the Oxva Arbeiter 2 RTA: 4.5/5

9. Wotofo Troll X RTA

Wotofo Troll X RTAWotofo Troll X RTA

We’re not trolling, this is the truth!

Wotofo have been a big player in the industry for a long time and with their latest RTA offering, the Troll X RTA Vape Tank comes out on top in our books.

Using the increasingly popular “half-pipe” shaped airflow, and offering many different air flow options due to the included inserts, the Wotofo Troll X RTA can be customised to suit how you want to vape.

What we love about the Wotofo Troll X RTA:

  • “Half-pipe” airflow with a bunch of different inserts
  • Dual coil or single coil
  • Very sleek aesthetics
  • Excellent build quality

For fans of an airy RTA, this is a great choice. 

We rate the Wotofo Troll X RTA: 4 /5

10. Aspire Prestige Neeko RTA

Aspire Prestige Neeko RTA in BlackAspire Prestige Neeko RTA in Black

Prestige without the price tag!

Aspire have released some very interesting offerings in the market recently, featuring products like the Mixx Mod, the 9th Tank and the Nautilus GT. What’s so interesting about these devices? They are all collaborations with “high-end” vape manufacturers and designers to bring you the most innovative designs, the best looks but without the hit on your wallet.

The Aspire Prestige Neeko RTA vape tank is no different – designed and produced by Aspire Prestige, this RTA comes with 12 airflow pins giving you a massive range of options to dial in that perfect Mouth To Lung vape.

Here’s why we think the Aspire Prestige Neeko RTA is a winner:

  • Huge range of accessories in the box
  • Amazing looks
  • Aspire Prestige quality and performance
  • High end RTA without the high end price

If you want a great MTL vape with a huge range of options, this ones for you.

We rate the Aspire Prestige Neeko RTA: 4.5 / 5

Final Words

As with most things in vaping, Rebuildable tanks are all about preference. Find what airflow design, coil install method or design that you like.

Rebuildable tanks give you a huge saving vs a subohm tank as you build the coils for them (or by pre-made and install them yourself) and if you take care of the coils can last you for months on end.

With a huge range of coil, wire and cotton options on the market the sky is the limit on how many possibilities you have for your RTA!

This article was originally published in 2020 and has been updated to reflect the latest product on the market.

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