Weak Hits with a Pod System? Right here’s Tips on how to Repair Them

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Weak Hits with a Pod System? Here’s How to Fix Them


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Guest post by Jason Artman

One of the biggest reasons why pod-based vaping devices have become as popular as they are is because they’re extremely satisfying to use. Designed to work with high-strength nicotine salt e-liquids, pod systems are developed with the specific goal of delivering nicotine as efficiently as possible. When you use a pod vape, you should expect to feel an assertive throat hit and experience immediate nicotine satisfaction – and if that doesn’t happen, you’re going to feel pretty unhappy.

If you’re getting weak hits with a pod system, you’re in the right place because we’re going to walk you through the steps that you can take to fix the issue. As you’re about to learn, there are several reasons why you might not get the level of satisfaction you expect when using a pod vape – and all of them are actually quite easy to fix. Here’s how to do it.

Buy a Better Pod System

One of the first things that you should know about pod-based vaping systems is that the performance and flavour characteristics of devices can vary greatly. If you try the other tips in this article and still aren’t successful in fixing your device’s weak hits, it’s possible that what you really need is a new device. Modern pod systems may have features like variable power levels, adjustable airflow and multiple coil options. Those options allow you to customise your device’s performance and enjoy exactly the experience you want. 

Increase Your Nicotine Strength

The main purpose of vaping is obviously to replace the nicotine from smoking – so when you vape, you obviously want to feel the nicotine. You feel nicotine in two ways when you vape. The first sensation is the throat hit that you experience when inhaling the vapour, and the second thing that you feel is the elimination of your craving

Many e-liquids include additives such as sucralose and menthol that help to reduce the sensation of throat hit, thus increasing the smoothness of the vaping experience. We’ll discuss this in greater detail shortly, but the important thing to know for now is that you can’t rely on throat hit alone to determine whether you’re getting enough nicotine. 

You can, however, rely on your nicotine cravings to determine whether you’re using the right nicotine strength for your needs. After you’ve puffed on your device a few times, do you immediately feel the urge to vape again? If so, it’s very likely that you’re experiencing weak hits with your pod system because the nicotine strength that you’re using is too low for your needs. You should switch to a higher strength.

Increase Your Device’s Power Level

If your pod system uses a manual fire button instead of puff-based activation, there’s a good chance that you can also use the fire button to vary the device’s power level. You can check the device’s instruction manual to learn whether your pod system has multiple power levels available and how to access that function. When a single-button vaping device offers variable output, though, you can usually toggle between power levels by pressing the fire button either two or three times. 

When you vary the power level of your pod system, it’s important to remember that vaping at too high a power level can create a harsh and unpleasant flavour. To prevent that from happening, increase your device’s power just one step at a time.

Try a Different Pod or Coil

Some pod-based vaping devices have more than one type of pod available, and others have replaceable atomizer coils. If your device has either of those features, then you can vary your vaping experience simply by installing different hardware. 

If you’re not sure where to begin when selecting a pod or coil to use with your pod system, it’s important to understand how electrical resistance affects the performance of a coil. When buying replacement pods or coils for your device, you’ll always see resistances printed on the products’ packages. Electrical resistances are expressed with the ohm (Ω) symbol. A lower number indicates a lower resistance, which means that the coil allows electricity to flow through more easily. 

A lower-resistance coil has a higher operational wattage range, which means that it produces larger and warmer vapour clouds. Switching to a lower-resistance pod or coil can be an excellent way to have a more satisfying experience with a pod system.

Adjust Your Device’s Airflow

In many cases, a modern pod vaping system will have a dial or tab that you can use to adjust the device’s airflow characteristics. If your device has this feature, you may find that changing the airflow setting can help you eliminate weak hits. 

If you open your device’s airflow vent, you’ll get bigger vapour clouds. That’ll enable you to take in more nicotine with each puff. On the other hand, closing the airflow vent makes the vapour warmer and more intense, which heightens the sensation of throat hit. Having the ability to customize your device’s characteristics by increasing either the nicotine delivery or the throat hit can be a great way to eliminate weak hits because it allows you to have exactly the vaping experience that you want.

Do you have a pod system without adjustable airflow? If you want to make the vapour warmer, you can achieve much the same effect by locating the device’s air intake hole – usually somewhere near the pod – and blocking it partially with your finger when you use the device.

Use an E-Liquid with a Different Flavour

If you’ve tried all of the tips in this article and haven’t been able to enjoy a more satisfying experience with your pod system, it’s possible that the e-liquid flavour you’re using isn’t a good fit for you. As we mentioned earlier in the article, it’s common for e-liquids to include additives that increase smoothness. The two most common additives for this purpose are menthol – which cools the throat – and sucralose, which makes the e-liquid taste sweet. 

If you want your pod system to produce a more intense throat hit, you should try using an e-liquid that doesn’t include a coolant or sweetener. You might consider trying a tobacco e-liquid, for example, because tobacco vape juices often don’t include either of these additives. You’ll find that an e-liquid with a savoury flavour produces a more intense sensation in your throat, which can make the vaping experience significantly more satisfying for you.

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