HQD Wave Disposable Evaluation

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HQD Wave disposable vapes in blue, purple, green and yellow plastic casing

In for review this week is the HQD Wave disposable, a neat, colourful and smoothly designed disposable vape available in 21 varying flavours.

Device specifications:

  • Up to 600 puffs
  • 20mg salt nicotine
  • 2ml tank
  • Inhale activated

HQD Wave disposable e-cigarette is new to the UK market. Created with the beginner vaper in mind, these devices tick all the boxes when it comes to choosing a reliable, affordable and tasty disposable setup. 

I was able to test 3 out of the 21 flavours available and this is what I thought…

HQD Wave Rainbow

An obscure but inviting vape, ‘Rainbow’ offers up a set of fruity and sour notes. Highly reminiscent of the unmistakable rainbow-coloured sweets, this flavour manages to recreate the intense sour sensation in a clearly well-executed manner.

A smorgasbord of mixed fruits is clearly evident and gives off an intricate, complex and remarkable overall taste that constantly evolves when puffing away. There is a subtle inclusion of iciness on the way out, however this is minimal and doesn’t take away from the flavour in general. I thoroughly enjoyed the often difficult-to-attain sour sensation when vaping this disposable, and it quite literally made my mouth water.

HQD Wave Peach Ice

Becoming an increasingly popular flavour profile within the world of vaping, Peach Ice delivers a crisp but sweet blend of juicy peach followed by a blast of icy cooling agent. Evoking memories of poolside cocktails, the pure combination of peach and ice makes for a very refreshing vaping sensation that is especially enjoyed on warm, sunny days. As with ‘Grapey’ I mentioned earlier, there is absolutely no hint of any chemical tastes whilst vaping this flavour – increasing my already impressed opinion.

I also enjoyed the intense edge of the cooling agent on this disposable as it really brought the peach notes to life.

HQD Wave Watermelon

Another favourite of mine, ‘Watermelon’ is a complex blend of both ripe watermelon fruit and sweet watermelon candies – managing to include a noticeable amount of sourness in there too. The unique mixture of realistic and artificial watermelon really sets this flavour out in comparison to other similar devices currently on the market. I didn’t notice much cooling agent in this flavour, but there was a definite sense of refreshment that made it incredibly enjoyable. For me though, the most impressive feature of this flavour was the combination of different ingredients that gave it a one-of-a-kind taste.

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