Eliquid Remix Evaluation

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Eliquid Remix Review

An insight into the world of Eliquid Remix.

Every now and then you come across something, and think, What a great idea, why didn’t I think of that. A service that fills a gap in the market, that we didn’t even know was there.  Like when you first discovered Deliveroo, And Expedia. Well coming across Eliquid Remix was one of those moments. When you realise that you have found a site, that the only limitation is your imagination. Think of a Eliquid flavour. And Eliquid Remix team can mix it up for you. Make to order and dispatched the same day.  Bringing Remix Revolution to the Vaping masses. Ever fancied trying DIY Juice mixing, but didn’t want to invest in all the ingredients, just to find you didn’t like the flavour. Eliquid Remix has you covered.

Why choose Eliquid Remix

There mission is to help you find and create the best eliquids, tailored to your tastes at a great price. Bridging the gap between personalised DIY juices and off-the-shelf commercial juices.

Remix E-Liquids

They only use flavours from reputable companies: Capella (CAP), The Flavor Apprentice (TFA), LorAnn Oils (LA), Flavor West (FW), Inawera (INW) and our own rebranded Eliquid Remix (ER) flavours. Our TPD nicotine shots, PG and VG bases are supplied by Chemnovatic to the highest industry standards.
Every eliquid you buy from us hand mixed by ourselves, here in the UK.

Remix Concentrates

All concentrates used on your behalf by ER are food safe, manufactured in the USA or Europe to the highest standards and have a multitude of uses, including: cooking, baking, beverages as well as eliquids.
Product quality is paramount; Remix eliquids are all individually made using the purest and best quality materials available, in their own HEPA filtered positive pressure cleanroom.

Eliquid Remix Prices from £7.93.
Eliquid Remix aim to bring you the highest quality eliquids at the most affordable prices. Up to 6mg/mL of nicotine is included in the price with additional bottles of nicotine being the best value around. We also include Royal Mail shipping to all UK destinations
When you find a recipe that you absolutely love you can possibly save more of your hard earned money by ordering ingredients to mix at home. 

The Eliquid Remix Experience.

To begin you Remix Revolution, just head over to Eliquidremix.com. 

The site is split into four main sections.

  • Recipes – here you will find over 450 Eliquid Remix Recipes along with over 20 user recipes.
  • Flavours – here lists 100’s of base flavours, and each of their associated recipes .
  • Blog – vape related articles.
  • Help – Super useful area, to help you around the site


Within the recipe section of the site, you will find every possible flavour and recipe that you could ever imagine, it’s like the world largest Vaping Recipe book. With currently 453 open source recipes, that have all been tried and tested by the Eliquid Remix Community. from Clones of your all-day-vape, (not the exact same recipes used by the manufactures, but still the same flavour), to something completely new, to tantalise your tired taste buds.

With each flavour, you can view all ingredients used and adjust them to your specific tastes, too sweet or not sweet enough, too much vanilla or not enough vanilla, no problem! Remix the recipe and adjust it to your palette. So no more buying a juice that was nearly perfect, but not quite right, you can simply adjust it next time you order it. Or add in a whole new flavour to give it another twist.

The great thing is you can be as creative as you want without getting your hands dirty, well sticky. The team at Eliquid Remix do all the hard work, and mix it for you.

Up to 6mg/mL of either freebase or salt nicotine is included with the option to go to 12mg/mL. Three bottle sizes are available, 60mL, 120mL and 250mL, you will receive the required nicotine shots to reach your preferred nicotine target in 0.5mg/mL increments. Simply add the supplied easy squeeze nic shots to fill the bottle to the correct level marker, this will approximately give you your desired nicotine strength. The target nicotine level will never be 100% accurate due to various factors but will be close enough for most people, if this is not to your satisfaction please do not order nicotine with your recipe.

Popular recipe groups can be found by clicking on the appropriate banner on the home page, which will open the Eliquid Remix Recipes catalog and filter recipes by predefined search criteria (Tags), these will be curated recipes, you will see a limited randomised selection of recipes. 

To see all the recipes in that group use the sort fields to reorder by various properties, price, steep time, etc. 

The search function can be used to search the available recipes and the results can be filtered using the tagging system or the tagging system can be used independently to refine the recipe selection, click on a tag to filter recipes with those tags, click again to remove the filter. 

I found this a great way to drill down into the results quickly. Try it out. All results can be sorted by name, rating, price (estimated) or steep time.

Tagging was especially helpfully in finding your perfect blend to suit your every mood, due to the fact that you can select multiple TAG, so for example if you wanted a Custard, you can select the ‘Custard’, which will bring up all the Custard juice, and then by selection another tag, will show all such flavours, and so on.

All though you are free to browse all of the juices and recipes, I would definitely recommend that at this point you create an account on the site, To allow you to get full benefits of Eliquid Remix, as you will then have the ability to order, bookmark, remix and comment on recipes as well as order your own creations. 

Eliquid Remix is more than just a website for ordering your Eliquid, it is a site with its community at its foundation, like Facebook is for families, Eliquid Remix is for vapors.

The Eliquid Remix community is growing daily, I would recommend that you Join their  Facebook Group where you discuss the recipes  with like minded Vapors, as well as getting advice on Remixing or creating recipes.

I found myself spending hours just browsing through the mix of flavours, some new and some classic favourites.

Once you have finally found your chosen blend, then you can easily process the order.

Ordering your Eliquid Remix recipes

As you will have already created your account, You can add your selection to your cart by hitting the size wanted, you have choice of either 60mL starting £7.73, 120mL from £11.49 or 250mL from £17.03.  I like the way they also include the price per ml, which helps compare juices.

Before adding to the cart you can easily adjust the VG/PG ratios within the limits of the ingredients used, as well as your nicotine target upto 12mg/mL. It’s great to see that each juice includes the first 6mg/ml of Nic. And comes in a choice of freebase or salts. If your unsure which to choose, then I would recommend checking out their  FAQ for more details on nicotine types.  To make it quicker going forward, you can save you Nicotine preferences in you settings.

Royal Mail 48 shipping is included to all UK destinations with every purchase, other shipping methods can be chosen at checkout and will be discounted the cost of Royal Mail 48 shipping.

Remixing a recipe

Having found a recipe that tastes really good but you feel could be better? Click the Remix Recipe button – this will put the recipe in edit-mode, and you can adjust it to your liking, then save. The Remix Recipe button can be found near the name of the recipe creator towards the top of the page.

Creating a recipe

This is where you can let your creative side  go wild.  And have a go at creating your own flavours.  Clicking on ‘Create Recipe’ from the User Account menu interface will take you to the “create recipe” page, where you can create and save recipes.  And add to the growing 23 user recipes published on the site.

Once you are happy with your mix hit the order button and we will get your creation out to you as soon as possible. To see what flavours you can work with click the Flavours menu item.

The description box is where you can describe the flavour profile of your recipe. 

You also have the option to share your recipe, which will allow other users to view and order your recipe.


You’ll notice when browsing the site, that different juices require a different length of time to steep, from time of mixing, from the shake and vape blends which are ready to vae straight away. Up to the longer steep blends such as Kal’s Moronic Admirers KMA which will take 49 days to steep. To help you keep track of the steep time, each bottle that arrives will have a steep to time. So you know when each blend will be ready to vape.  To find out more on steeping check out their guide to steeping.

Juice Arrival 

When your juice arrives it will come, premixed and will have become steeping from moment it was hand mixed. The nicotine comes in separate bottles. Once the bottles have finished steeping, you can the fill the bottle upto the desired fill level, 60ml, 120ml or 250ml. Once filled, then you can give it a good shake.

A really nice touch is that each of the bottles not only comes with ‘Steep until ‘ date, but also has a QR code on the front of the bottle, which will link through to the ingredients of that juice. Love the attention of detail that they have gone to.

The bottles do come with a twist cap, that allows you to decant straight from the bottle, personally I found the nib to big, and nad to put it into smaller bottles, to be able to fit the needle tip into any or the fill ports.


I hope you have enjoyed this introduction into the world of Eliquid Remix and its vast array of flavours. I absolutely love this site, and the whole community feel behind it, giving you the ability to vape well on a budget, without sacrificing quality or flavour, plus the ability to tweak your blend, and even create a whole new flavour all of your own. Fame awaits you.

A have literally spent many happy hours browsing around the Eliquid Remix site. Choosing which flavours I wanted to review.  I ended up choosing flavours.

Order Details:

  • 1 x Oh. My. Holy. God. 
    • Size :120 mL 
    • Blend :75 VG 
    • Nic : 3.5 mg/mL 
    • Steep until Sep 14 2022
  • 1 x WOW thats what I call doughnuts – VOLUME 1 
    • Size :120 mL 
    • Blend : 70 VG 
    • Nic :3.5 mg/mL 
    • Steep Until Aug 21 2022
  • 1 x Kal’s Moronic Admirers KMA 
    • Size :120 mL 
    • Blend : 70 VG 
    • Nic :3.5 mg/mL 
    • Steep until Oct 05 2022
  • 1 x 3 Banger Custard 
    • Size : 120 mL 
    • Blend : 60 VG 
    • Nic :3.5 mg/mL 
    • Steep until Aug 27 2022
  • 1 x PRESLEY – The Kings Favourite Sandwich 
    • Size : 120 mL 
    • Blend :70 VG 
    • Nic : 3.5 mg/mL 
    • Steep Until.Aug 24 2022

Over the coming weeks I will be reviewing each of these juices in turn, and as always giving you my honest opinion on each of them.

In the meantime I recommend that you head over to Eliquid Remix and pick out your perfect blend, or start putting together your own blend.  Thanks again to Charlie for sending over the juices.

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