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Uwell Caliburn Adjustable Airflow

Uwell Caliburn G2 Instructions

How to operate the Uwell Caliburn G2

To power the device on/off, press the fire button 5 times in quick succession, the indicator light will flash 3 times.

The Uwell Caliburn A2 features dual activation meaning you can activate it by simply inhaling on the mouth piece or holding the fire button. To adjust the airflow on the Caliburn G2, first remove the pod from the device. You can then turn the adjustment wheel to find your perfect airflow.

How to charge the Uwell Caliburn G2

The device features quick charging via USB C. To charge the Caliburn G2, simply insert the USB C charging cable, the device will vibrate twice when the cable in inserted. The indicator light will show how much charge the device has; Green (over 60% charge), Blue (59%-30% charge) and Red (under 30% charge). The device will vibrate once and the indicator light will stay green when fully charged.

How to fill the Caliburn G2 Pod

To fill the device, simply remove the drip tip from the pod. You can then fill the tank with your favourite OK Vape E-Liquid. Once the pod is full, it can then be capped with the drip tip.

How To Fill the Uwell Caliburn G2

How to replace the coil in your Uwell Caliburn G2

You’ll need to change you coil when you notice a deterioration in flavour or experience a burnt taste. Depending on how much you vape, you’ll probably need to change your coil every 1-3 weeks.

To replace the coil, simply remove the pod from the battery and remove the coil from the bottom of the pod. A new coil can then be inserted into pod. Please ensure the pod is empty before changing the coil. Once you’ve replaced the coil, fill your pod up with e-liquid and leave it to stand for at least five minutes before vaping to prime the coil.

How to change the coil on the Uwell Caliburn G2

Battery Safety Information

Please read the included instructions fully and follow battery safety advice. Never leave charging batteries unattended and take care not to overcharge the battery. If you are charging this kit from a mains adapter, ensure that maximum power output is 1 amp. You can purchase an OK Vape branded, safety assured 1 amp mains charging adapter here.

Power off the device when not in use.

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