The Rochford Venture – The Midnight Oil Premium Eliquid .

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The Rochford Project - The Midnight Oil Premium Eliquid .

Hands up! This hidden gem of a juice has been with me for a while, and after a tidy up, has made its way to the front of the review que. Sorry Jay. 

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Rochford Project, then your in for a treat.

Welcome to… The Rochford Project

The Rochford Project is an award winning artisan e-liquid manufacturer located in the small town of Rochford in the South East of England, creating authentic full flavoured e-liquid for the vape connoisseur. 

We have carefully studied each flavouring that we use in our mixes and different combinations to create a truly unique taste that is as close to the flavour profile as possible. All of our e-liquids are created and mixed here in the UK in an ISO 9001 certified laboratory operating under strict and safe guidelines in ISO 7 clean rooms to ensure all e-liquids produced are of the highest quality. -: James Strobridge ‘Jay’ (Founder)

Since 2016, Jay has managed to put together an award winning line up, which has gone from strength to strength, picking up numerous ’Vapouround’ Best Dessert awards over the years.

His current line includes 10 of the best flavours around.

Kasiandora Cream

The Black Vine 

Crimson Seed

Lemon Meringue

A Most Curious Curdle

The Midnight Oil

Lemon Lush

Raspberry Milk

Strawberries & Cream

Slightly Twisted

Each flavour is priced at only £8.99, or £9.49 including Nic, you can take advantage of Jay’s latest Everyday Deal, which allows you to purchase any 3 flavours for only £25.  Your chance to  purchase multiple flavours and save a little more money. Plus All nicotine shots come Free, to help you save even more.

Jay was kind enough to send out one of his newest creations,  ‘The Midnight Oil’

The Midnight Oil Eliquid.

This Eliquid comes in a 50ml Shortfill, with a Mix ratio  of 70VG / 30PG. And is described on The Rochford Project website as follows.

The latest addition bought into the collection ‘The Midnight Oil’ is a lightly roasted espresso with creamy vanilla dairy milk and a shot of caramel syrup.


I have wanted to bring in a coffee/latte to the collection for some time but some coffee flavours can be too intense and so wanted mine to pick up on an authentic vanilla latte taste that I use in my home coffee machine that was not so intense and rather gave a hint of espresso mixed with the vanilla milk and caramel syrup at the end to sweeten the final mix and balance it all out, with a good steep (at least a week) the sweetness of the caramel really starts to blend in with the espresso and the sweetness becomes more mild allowing the espresso and caramel to bind together.


After a long day at work burning the midnight oil, as they say, it always helps to have a great coffee by your side so I hope you enjoy mine.” -:

The Midnight Oil Vaping Experience.

Coffee inspired vapes are so hard to get right, let alone to perfect. and I understand from with Jay, this blend touch months and months to reach this level of perfection.  As if it isn’t perfect it won’t join his award winning line up.  This blend is very clever, rather than just blasting your taste buds with an intense almost bitter experience, Jay has gone for, as he describes an ‘authentic vanilla latte taste’.  Skilfully layering an ultra creamy base, over a silky smooth, rich espresso, with its normal intensity soothed by the lite frothy milk base. Which allows you to really enjoy the coffeeness , without any of the normal associated bitterness that you tend to get from coffee inspired vapes.

The trailing caramel syrup sweetness really is something special. With just the right balance between the sugary sweetness, and smooth caramel high notes. A lip licking addition to this brilliant blend.  

The exhale seems to double down on smoothness, delivering an extra velvety cream creation, that effortlessly roles out over your tongue, leaving a tantalising trail of syrupy sweetness, that keeps you coming back for more time after time.

As with its real world equivalent, it is perfectly placed to become your morning Vaping, or to help you relax after a hard day at work. Possibly just to good to vape all day.

If you are looking for the ultimate coffee inspired vape, then look no further.

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