Thunderhead Creations Blaze Solo RTA $23.30

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Thunderhead Creations Blaze Solo RTA $23.30

Here’s where you’ll find the best deals and sales for the Thunderhead Creations Blaze Solo RTA. Buy one of these attys for only $23.30 when applying the discount code “vapingcheap“. Pick from six different colors including stainless steel, blue, gunmetal, matte black, silver/black, and gold.



The Blaze Solo RTA is a collaboration between Mike Vapes and Thunderhead Creations. It shares a similar design to the THC Blaze RTA, with it being slightly smaller with an overall diameter of 25m. In addition to that, they have increased the e-juice capacity to 3.5ml and kept the 5.5ml bubble tank. When it comes to refilling the tank, it’s a breeze with the top fill method.


THC has improved on their “W” build deck on the Blaze Solo, so that it’s designed specifically for single coil builds. Furthermore, it’s still a post-less design, making it a breeze to install the coils. The airflow system provides great flavor with the surrounding airflow holes that hits the coil. Lastly, you can adjust the airflow by turning the top cap.

All in all, if you were a fan of the original or want a flavor-chasing single-coil RTA, then take a look at the Thunderhead Creations Blaze Solo RTA. You can’t go wrong with this tank.

THC Blaze Solo RTA Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Collaboration between Mike Vapes and Thunderhead Creations
  • Overall diameter: 24mm (base), 25mm (overall)
  • Maximum e-juice capacity: 3.5ml or 5.5ml (Bubble tank)
  • Top fill design
  • Innovative “W” build deck
  • Single coil post-less build deck
  • Adjustable top airflow

What’s Included:

  • THC Blaze Solo RTA
  • Accessory Bag
  • User Manual
  • Bubble Tank

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